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2001 The Job Search and Education Investments of Immigrant FamiliesCobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Connolly, Marie D.; Worswick, Christopher
2004 Immigrant earnings profiles in the presence of human capital investment: Measuring cohort and macro effectsGreen, David A.; Worswick, Christopher
2006 The Evolution of Male-Female Wages Differentials in Canadian Universities: 1970-2001Warman, Casey; Woolley, Frances; Worswick, Christopher
2006 Impacts of the Point System and Immigration Policy Levers on Skill Characteristics of Canadian ImmigrantsBeach, Charles; Green, Alan G.; Worswick, Christopher
2009 Mandatory retirement rules and the retirement decisions of university professors in CanadaWarman, Casey; Worswick, Christopher
2011 Immigrant selection systems and occupational outcomes of international medical graduates in Canada and the United StatesMcDonald, James Ted; Warman, Casey; Worswick, Christopher
2015 Wage Returns to Mid-Career Investments in Job Training through Employer-Supported Course Enrollment: Evidence for CanadaCi, Wen; Galdo, Jose C.; Voia, Marcel; Worswick, Christopher
2015 Wage returns to mid-career investments in job training through employer supported course enrollment: Evidence for CanadaCi, Wen; Galdo, Jose; Voia, Marcel; Worswick, Christopher
2016 Can Immigrants Insure against Shocks as Well as the Native-born?Islam, Asadul; Stillman, Steven; Worswick, Christopher
2016 Temporary foreign workers and firms: Theory and Canadian evidenceBrochu, Pierre; Gross, Till; Worswick, Christopher
2018 Immigrant Category of Admission and the Earnings of Adults and Children: How far does the Apple Fall?Warman, Casey; Webb, Matthew D.; Worswick, Christopher