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1999Optimal monetary policy inertiaWoodford, Michael
2000Indicator variables for optimal policySvensson, Lars E. O.; Woodford, Michael
2004Optimal monetary and fiscal policy: a linear-quadratic approachBenigno, Pierpaolo; Woodford, Michael
2005Robustly optimal monetary policy with near-rational expectationsWoodford, Michael
2006How Important is Money in the Conduct of Monetary Policy?Woodford, Michael
2006Rules for monetary policyWoodford, Michael
2008Credit frictions and optimal monetary policyCúrdia, Vasco; Woodford, Michael
2009Conventional and unconventional monetary policyCúrdia, Vasco; Woodford, Michael
2009Credit spreads and monetary policyCúrdia, Vasco; Woodford, Michael
2010The central-bank balance sheet as an instrument of monetary policyCúrdia, Vasco; Woodford, Michael
2012Optimal target criteria for stabilization policyGiannoni, Marc P.; Woodford, Michael
2012Robustly Optimal Monetary Policy in a Microfounded New Keynesian ModelAdam, Klaus; Woodford, Michael
2016Discrete Adjustment to a Changing Environment: Experimental EvidenceKhaw, Mel Win; Stevens, Luminita; Woodford, Michael
2017Risk Aversion as a Perceptual BiasKhaw, Mel Win; Li, Ziang; Woodford, Michael
2018Monetary Policy Analysis when Planning Horizons are FiniteWoodford, Michael
2018Leaning against housing prices as robustly optimal monetary policyAdam, Klaus; Woodford, Michael
2018Leaning Against Housing Prices as Robustly Optimal Monetary PolicyAdam, Klaus; Woodford, Michael
2020Robustly Optimal Monetary Policy in a New Keynesian Model with HousingAdam, Klaus; Woodford, Michael
2020Optimally Imprecise Memory and Biased Forecastsda Silveira, Rava Azeredo; Sung, Yeji; Woodford, Michael
2021Fiscal and monetary stabilization policy at the zero lower bound: Consequences of limited foresightWoodford, Michael; Xie, Yinxi