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2009Prospect theory and two moment model: the firm under price uncertaintyBroll, Udo; Egozcue, Martín; Wong, Wing-Keung
2010Prospect theory and hedging risksBroll, Udo; Egozcue, Martín; Wong, Wing-Keung; Zitikis, Ričardas
2013Robust Estimation and Forecasting of the Capital Asset Pricing ModelBian, Guorui; McAleer, Michael; Wong, Wing-Keung
2016Management Science, Economics and Finance: A ConnectionChang, Chia-Lin; McAleer, Michael; Wong, Wing-Keung
2016A Bayesian Approach to Excess Volatility, Short-term Underreaction and Long-term Overreaction During Financial CrisesGuo, Xu; McAleer, Michael; Wong, Wing-Keung; Zhu, Lixing
2016Spectrally-Corrected Estimation for High-Dimensional Markowitz Mean-Variance OptimizationBai, Zhidong; Li, Hua; McAleer, Michael; Wong, Wing-Keung
2017Stochastic dominance and Omega ratio: Measures to examine market efficiency, arbitrage opportunity, and anomalyGuo, Xu; Jiang, Xuejun; Wong, Wing-Keung
2017Specification Testing of Production in a Stochastic Frontier ModelGuo, Xu; Li, Gao-Rong; McAleer, Michael; Wong, Wing-Keung
2017Does foreign direct investment harm the environment in developing countries? Dynamic panel analysis of Latin American countriesBaek, Jungho; Choi, Yoon Jung; Wong, Wing-Keung
2018Why did Warrant Markets Close in China but not Taiwan?Wong, Wing-Keung; Lean, Hooi Hoi; McAleer, Michael; Tsai, Feng-Tse
2020State ownership and risk-taking behavior: An empirical approach to get better profitability, investment, and trading strategies for listed corporates in VietnamNguyen Tran Thai Ha; Moslehpour, Massoud; Thi Thuy Van Vo; Wong, Wing-Keung