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1978Testing the Quantity-Quality Fertility Model: Results from a Natural ExperimentRosenzweig, Mark R.; Wolpin, Kenneth I.
1979An Economic Analysis of the Extended Family in a Less Developed Country: The Demand for the Elderly in anUncertain EnvironmentRosenzweig, Mark R.; Wolpin, Kenneth I.
1979Life-Cycle Labor Supply and Fertility: Causal Inferences from Household ModelsRosenzweig, Mark R.; Wolpin, Kenneth I.
1980A New Test of the Permanent Income Hypothesis: The Impact of Weather on the Income and Consumption of Farm Households in IndiaWolpin, Kenneth I.
1981Fertility, Child Schooling, and Exogenous Mortality: A Waiting Time Regression with Dynamic RegressorsOlsen, Randall J.; Wolpin, Kenneth I.
1982An Estimable Dynamic Stochastic Model of Fertility and Child MortalityWolpin, Kenneth I.
1982Endogenous Fertility in an Overlapping Generations Growth ModelEckstein, Zvi; Wolpin, Kenneth I.
1982Short Run Fluctuations in Fertility and Mortality in Preindustrial SwedenEckstein, Zvi; Schultz, T. Paul; Wolpin, Kenneth I.
1983Fertility Choice in a Growth Model with Land: Malthus ReconsideredEckstein, Zvi; Stern, Steven; Wolpin, Kenneth I.
1984Heterogeneity, Intrafamily Distribution and Child HealthRosenzweig, Mark Richard; Wolpin, Kenneth I.
1984Externalities, Heterogeneity and the Optimal Distribution of Public Programs: Child Health Family Planning InterventionsRosenzweig, Mark Richard; Wolpin, Kenneth I.
1984Migration Selectivity and the Effects of Government ProgramsRosenzweig, Mark Richard; Wolpin, Kenneth I.
1984Two Estimation Methods for a Lifetime Discrete Choice Model under UncertaintyEckstein, Zvi; Wolpin, Kenneth I.