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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1995 Technology and the Demand for SkillsWolff, Edward N.
1996 Protracted Frictional Unemployment as a Heavy Cost of Technical ProgressBaumol, William J.; Wolff, Edward N.
1997 Gender Wage Differentials, Affirmative Action, and Employment Growth on the Industry LevelFields, Judith; Wolff, Edward N.
1998 Speed of Technical Progress and Length of the Average Interjob PeriodBaumol, William J.; Wolff, Edward N.
1998 Side effects of progress: How technological change increases the duration of unemploymentBaumol, William J.; Wolff, Edward N.
2000 What's Behind the Recent Rise in Profitablity?Wolff, Edward N.
2000 Racial Wealth Disparities: Is the Gap Closing?Gittleman, Maury; Wolff, Edward N.
2000 Recent trends in wealth ownership: 1983 - 1998Wolff, Edward N.
2001 The impact of IT investment on income and wealth inequality in the postwar US economyWolff, Edward N.
2001 Skills, computerization, and earnings in the postwar US economyWolff, Edward N.
2001 Is wealth becoming more polarized in the United States?D'Ambrosio, Conchita; Wolff, Edward N.
2001 Racial wealth disparities: Is the gap closing?Wolff, Edward N.
2002 Asset poverty in the United States, 1984 - 1999: evidence from the panel study of income dynamicsCaner, Asena; Wolff, Edward N.
2003 Household wealth, public consumption and economic well-being in the United StatesWolff, Edward N.; Zacharias, Ajit; Caner, Asena
2003 The Levy Institute measure of economic well-beingWolff, Edward N.; Zacharias, Ajit
2004 Asset poverty in the United States: Its persistence in an expansionary economyCaner, Asena; Wolff, Edward N.
2004 Changes in household wealth in the 1980s and 1990s in the USWolff, Edward N.
2005 Occupational and industrial mobility in the United States, 1969-93Parrado, Eric; Caner, Asena; Wolff, Edward N.
2005 Is the equalizing effect of retirement wealth wearing off?Wolff, Edward N.
2006 Net government expenditures and the economic well-being of the elderly in the United States, 1989 - 2001Kum, Hyunsub; Wolff, Edward N.; Zacharias, Ajit