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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Endogeneity of Currency Areas and Trade Blocs: Evidence from the Inter-War PeriodWolf, Nikolaus; Ritschl, Albrecht
2004 Economic integration across borders : the Polish interwar economy 1921-1937Trenkler, Carsten; Wolf, Nikolaus
2004 Estimating medieval market integration: Evidence from exchange ratesVolckart, Oliver; Wolf, Nikolaus
2005 Endowments vs market potential: what explains the relocation of industry after the Polish reunification 1918?Wolf, Nikolaus
2005 Harbingers of dissolution? Grain prices, borders and nationalism in the Habsburg economy before the First World WarWolf, Nikolaus; Schulze, Max-Stephan
2006 Was Germany ever united? Borders and domestic trade, 1885 - 1933Wolf, Nikolaus
2006 Local comparative advantage: agriculture and economic development in Poland 1870 - 1970Wolf, Nikolaus
2008 Endogenous borders?: the effects of new borders on trade in Central Europe 1885-1933Heinemeyer, Hans Christian; Schulze, Max-Stephan; Wolf, Nikolaus
2008 Was Germany ever united?: evidence from intra- and international trade 1885 - 1933Wolf, Nikolaus
2008 Scylla and Charybdis: explaining Europe's exit from gold, January 1928 - December 1936Wolf, Nikolaus
2009 Economic nationalism and economic integration : the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the late nineteenth centurySchulze, Max-Stephan; Wolf, Nikolaus
2009 Shooting on a moving target : explaining European Bank rates during the interwar periodWandschneider, Kirsten; Wolf, Nikolaus
2009 Tear down this wall : on the persistence of borders in tradeNitsch, Volker; Wolf, Nikolaus
2010 Endogenous Borders? Exploring a Natural Experiment on Border EffectsWolf, Nikolaus; Heinemeyer, Hans Christian; Schulze, Max-Stephan
2010 Zur Diskussion gestellt: Ungleichgewichte im Außenhandel: Wie können Handelsbilanzsalden abgebaut werden?Langhammer, Rolf J.; Mihram, Felix; Wolf, Nikolaus; Nitsch, Volker
2010 Europe's great depression: Coordination failure after the first World WarWolf, Nikolaus
2010 Zur Dauerhaftigkeit von Handelsbarrieren: Evidenz von der deutsch-deutschen WiedervereinigungNitsch, Volker; Wolf, Nikolaus
2013 Same Same But Different: Dialects and TradeLameli, Alfred; Nitsch, Volker; Südekum, Jens; Wolf, Nikolaus
2013 The Economics of Density: Evidence from the Berlin WallSturm, Daniel; Ahlfeldt, Gabriel; Redding, Stephen; Wolf, Nikolaus
2013 Same Same But Different: Dialects and TradeLameli, Alfred; Nitsch, Volker; Suedekum, Jens; Wolf, Nikolaus