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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship: The Organizational Side of Technology CommercializationWitt, Ulrich; Zellner, Christian
2005 From sensory to positivist utilitarianism and back: the rehabilitation of naturalistic conjectures in the theory of demandWitt, Ulrich
2005 Firms as realizations of entrepreneurial visionsWitt, Ulrich
2006 Evolutionary economicsWitt, Ulrich
2006 Evolutionary economics and psychologyWitt, Ulrich
2007 How firm organizations adapt to secure a sustained knowledge transferWitt, Ulrich; Zellner, Christian
2007 Novelty and the bounds of unknowledge in economicsWitt, Ulrich
2007 Output dynamics, flow equilibria and structural change: a prolegomenon to evolutionary macroeconomicsWitt, Ulrich; Brenner, Thomas
2007 Heuristic twists and ontological creeds: road map for evolutionary economicsWitt, Ulrich
2007 Knowledge and its economic characteristics: a conceptual clarificationWitt, Ulrich; Brökel, Tom; Brenner, Thomas
2008 Constitutional interests in the face of innovations: How much do we need to know about risk preferences?Witt, Ulrich; Schubert, Christian
2008 Symbolic consumption and the social construction of product characteristicsWitt, Ulrich
2009 Emergence and functionality of organizational routines: An individualistic approachWitt, Ulrich
2010 Economic behavior: Evolutionary vs. behavioral perspectivesWitt, Ulrich
2010 Extending the informational basis of welfare economics: The case of preference dynamicsWitt, Ulrich; Schubert, Christian
2010 Can Darwinism be 'generalized' and of what use would this be?Levit, Georgy S.; Hossfeld, Uwe; Witt, Ulrich
2011 Sustainability and the problem of consumptionWitt, Ulrich
2011 Disentangling motivational and experiential aspects of "Utility": A neuroeconomics perspectiveWitt, Ulrich; Binder, Martin
2011 Parting with "blue monday": Preferences in home production and consumer responses to innovationsWitt, Ulrich; Woersdorfer, Julia Sophie
2011 As innovations drive economic growth, do they also raise well-being?Binder, Martin; Witt, Ulrich