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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Firms as realizations of entrepreneurial visionsWitt, Ulrich
2005 Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship: The Organizational Side of Technology CommercializationWitt, Ulrich; Zellner, Christian
2005 From sensory to positivist utilitarianism and back: the rehabilitation of naturalistic conjectures in the theory of demandWitt, Ulrich
2006 Evolutionary economics and psychologyWitt, Ulrich
2006 Evolutionary economicsWitt, Ulrich
2007 Knowledge and its economic characteristics: a conceptual clarificationWitt, Ulrich; Brökel, Tom; Brenner, Thomas
2007 Novelty and the bounds of unknowledge in economicsWitt, Ulrich
2007 How firm organizations adapt to secure a sustained knowledge transferWitt, Ulrich; Zellner, Christian
2007 Output dynamics, flow equilibria and structural change: a prolegomenon to evolutionary macroeconomicsWitt, Ulrich; Brenner, Thomas
2007 Heuristic twists and ontological creeds: road map for evolutionary economicsWitt, Ulrich
2008 Symbolic consumption and the social construction of product characteristicsWitt, Ulrich
2008 Constitutional interests in the face of innovations: How much do we need to know about risk preferences?Witt, Ulrich; Schubert, Christian
2009 Emergence and functionality of organizational routines: An individualistic approachWitt, Ulrich
2010 Can Darwinism be 'generalized' and of what use would this be?Levit, Georgy S.; Hossfeld, Uwe; Witt, Ulrich
2010 Economic behavior: Evolutionary vs. behavioral perspectivesWitt, Ulrich
2010 Extending the informational basis of welfare economics: The case of preference dynamicsWitt, Ulrich; Schubert, Christian
2011 Disentangling motivational and experiential aspects of "Utility": A neuroeconomics perspectiveWitt, Ulrich; Binder, Martin
2011 Sustainability and the problem of consumptionWitt, Ulrich
2011 Parting with "blue monday": Preferences in home production and consumer responses to innovationsWitt, Ulrich; Woersdorfer, Julia Sophie
2011 As innovations drive economic growth, do they also raise well-being?Binder, Martin; Witt, Ulrich