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2009Policies with Respect to Foreign Investors in the New Member States of the European Union and in the Developing Countries of Asia: A Comparative AspectsWitkowska, Janina
2009Foreign Direct Investment in the New European Union Member States and Developing Countries of Asia under Conditions of the Global Financial and Economic Crisis: Comparative AspectsWitkowska, Janina
2010European Union Social Policy as an Instrument for Sustainable DevelopmentWitkowska, Janina
2011Globalization and Foreign Direct Investment in the Textile, Garment, and Leather IndustryWitkowska, Janina
2011Foreign Direct Investment and Sustainable Development in the New EU Member States: Environmental AspectsWitkowska, Janina
2012Social Aspects of Transnational Corporations' Activities in the New EU Member StatesWitkowska, Janina
2013Foreign Direct Investment In The Banking Sector In New EU Member States: Social Responsibility Of BanksWitkowska, Janina
2013Foreign Direct Investment Between Asian Developing Countries and the EU Member States: The Role of Integration ProcessesWitkowska, Janina
2014Capital movements between the European Union and Turkey within the integration processesWitkowska, Janina
2015Intra-EU capital movements: Ten years of Poland's experiences as an EU member in the global contextWitkowska, Janina
2016Integration processes in the global economy: current state and prospects:the cases of the European Union, ASEAN Economic Community, and NAFTAWitkowska, Janina
2016Corporate social responsability: Selected theoretical and empirical aspectsWitkowska, Janina
2017Implications of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) for investment flows between the European Union and the USAWitkowska, Janina
2018Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Innovative Pharmaceutical Corporations. The Case of BIOGENWitkowska, Janina
2019The Attitudes of the European Union and China Towards Foreign Direct Investment: Implications for Bilateral RelationsWitkowska, Janina
2020The European Union's Screening Framework for Foreign Direct Investment: Consequences for External RelationsWitkowska, Janina
2021The European Union's Position in Global Foreign Direct Investment Flows and Stocks: Institutional Attempts to Improve ItWitkowska, Janina