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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 How Linear Models Can Mask Non-Linear Causal Relationships. An Application to Family Size and Children's EducationMogstad, Magne; Wiswall, Matthew
2009 How much should we trust linear instrumental variables estimators? An application to family size and children's educationMogstad, Magne; Wiswall, Matthew
2010 What linear estimators miss: Re-examining the effects of family income on child outcomesLøken, Katrine V.; Mogstad, Magne; Wiswall, Matthew
2010 Household choices and child developmentDel Boca, Daniela; Flinn, Christopher; Wiswall, Matthew
2010 Linearity in instrumental variables estimation: Problems and solutionsMogstad, Magne; Wiswall, Matthew
2010 Instrumental variables estimation with partially missing instrumentsMogstad, Magne; Wiswall, Matthew
2011 Belief updating among college students: Evidence from experimental variation in informationWiswall, Matthew; Zafar, Basit
2011 Determinants of college major choice: Identification using an information experimentWiswall, Matthew; Zafar, Basit
2012 Beyond LATE with a discrete instrument. Heterogeneity in the quantity-quality interaction of childrenBrinch, Christian N.; Mogstad, Magne; Wiswall, Matthew
2013 Preferences and biases in educational choices and labor market expectations: Shrinking the black box of genderReuben, Ernesto; Wiswall, Matthew; Zafar, Basit
2013 Preferences and Biases in Educational Choices and Labor Market Expectations: Shrinking the Black Box of GenderReuben, Ernesto; Wiswall, Matthew; Zafar, Basit
2014 Transfers to Households with Children and Child DevelopmentDel Boca, Daniela; Flinn, Christopher; Wiswall, Matthew
2016 Preference for the workplace, investment in human capital, and genderWiswall, Matthew; Zafar, Basit
2016 Human capital investments and expectations about career and familyWiswall, Matthew; Zafar, Basit
2016 Testing the quantity–quality model of fertility: Estimation using unrestricted family size modelsMogstad, Magne; Wiswall, Matthew
2019 Actors in the Child Development ProcessDel Boca, Daniela; Flinn, Christopher; Verriest, Ewout; Wiswall, Matthew
2020 Early Childhood Care and Cognitive DevelopmentChaparro, Juan; Sojourner, Aaron J.; Wiswall, Matthew