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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000Household Savings in GermanyBorsch-Supan, Axel; Reil-Held, Anette; Rodepeter, Ralf; Schnabel, Reinhold; Winter, Joachim
2006Trust Games Measure TrustHouser, Daniel; Schunk, Daniel; Winter, Joachim
2007The Relationship Between Risk Attitudes and Heuristics in Search Tasks: A Laboratory ExperimentSchunk, Daniel; Winter, Joachim
2008Rente mit 67: Wie lange die Deutschen arbeiten können und wollenScheubel, Beatrice; Winter, Joachim
2008Consumer-Directed Health Care: Can Consumers Look After Themselves?McFadden, Daniel; Winter, Joachim; Heiss, Florian
2008Consumer-Directed Health Care: Can Consumers Look After Themselves?McFadden, Daniel; Winter, Joachim; Heiss, Florian
2009Structural Measurement Errors in Nonseparable ModelsHoderlein, Stefan; Winter, Joachim
2009Size matters!: body height and labor market discrimination : a cross-European analysisCinnirella, Francesco; Winter, Joachim
2009Don't raise the retirement age! : an experiment on opposition to pension reforms and East-West differences in GermanyScheubel, Beatrice; Schunk, Daniel; Winter, Joachim
2009Survey evidence on conditional norm enforcementTraxler, Christian; Winter, Joachim
2009Survey Evidence on Conditional Norm EnforcementTraxler, Christian; Winter, Joachim
2010Fairness and CheatingHouser, Daniel; Vetter, Stefan; Winter, Joachim
2010Fairness and CheatingVetter, Stefan; Houser, Daniel; Winter, Joachim
2010Why does height matter for educational Attainment? Evidence from German pre-teen childrenCinnirella, Francesco; Piopiunik, Marc; Winter, Joachim
2010Tax incentives, bequest motives, and the demand for life insurance: Evidence from two natural experiments in GermanySauter, Nicolas; Walliser, Jan; Winter, Joachim
2010Temptation and Commitment in the LaboratoryWinter, Joachim; Houser, Daniel; Schunk, Daniel; Xiao, Erte
2011Worker characteristics and wage differentials: Evidence from a gift-exchange experimentEnglmaier, Florian; Strasser, Sebastian; Winter, Joachim
2012Teaching teenagers in finance: does it work?Lührmann, Melanie; Serra-Garcia, Marta; Winter, Joachim
2012Suit the action to the word, the word to the action: Hypothetical choices and real decisions in Medicare Part DKesternich, Iris; Heiss, Florian; McFadden, Daniel; Winter, Joachim
2012Plan Selection in Medicare Part D: Evidence from administrative DataHeiss, Florian; Leive, Adam; McFadden, Daniel; Winter, Joachim