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2009 How norms can generate conflictWinter, Fabian; Rauhut, Heiko; Helbing, Dirk
2009 A sociological perspective on measuring social norms by means of strategy method experimentsRauhut, Heiko; Winter, Fabian
2011 The emergence of norms from conflicts over just distributionsMiller, Luis M.; Rauhut, Heiko; Winter, Fabian
2012 A flexible z-Tree implementation of the Social Value Orientation Slider Measure (Murphy et al. 2011): ManualCrosetto, Paolo; Weisel, Ori; Winter, Fabian
2013 You are who your friends are: An experiment on trust and homophily in friendship networksKataria, Mitesh; Winter, Fabian
2013 Fairness norms can explain the emergence of specific cooperation norms in the Battle of the Prisoners DilemmaWinter, Fabian
2013 Sorting via screening versus signaling: A theoretic and experimental comparisonGüth, Werner; Winter, Fabian
2017 Volunteering under population uncertaintyHillenbrand, Adrian; Winter, Fabian
2018 Normative change and culture of hate: An experiment on online environmentsÁlvarez, Amalia; Winter, Fabian
2020 Volunteering at the workplace under incomplete information: Teamsize does not matterHillenbrand, Adrian; Werner, Tobias; Winter, Fabian
2020 The breakdown of anti-racist norms: A natural experiment on normative uncertainty after terrorist attacksÁlvarez-Benjumea, Amalia; Winter, Fabian
2020 Volunteering at the Workplace under Incomplete Information: Team Size Does Not MatterWerner, Tobias; Hillenbrand, Adrian; Winter, Fabian