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2003Food security, fertility differentials and land degradation in Sub-Saharan Africa: A dynamic frameworkWinkler-Dworak, Maria
2005Monthly estimates of the quantum of fertility: Towards a fertility monitoring system in AustriaSobotka, Tomáš; Winkler-Dworak, Maria; Testa, Maria Rita; Lutz, Wolfgang; Philipov, Dimiter; Engelhardt, Henriette; Gisser, Richard
2006The low mortality of a learned societyWinkler-Dworak, Maria
2007Gender differences in the transition to adulthood in France: Is there convergence over the recent period?Winkler-Dworak, Maria; Toulemon, Laurent
2007On the age dynamics of learned societies: Taking the example of the Austrian Academy of SciencesFeichtinger, Gustav; Winkler-Dworak, Maria; Freund, Inga; Prskawetz, Alexia
2009Union instability as an engine of fertility? A micro-simulation model for FranceThomson, Elizabeth; Winkler-Dworak, Maria; Spielauer, Martin; Prskawetz, Alexia
2011Geburtenbarometer Vienna: Analysing fertility convergence between Vienna and AustriaZeman, Kryštof; Sobotka, Tomáš; Gisser, Richard; Winkler-Dworak, Maria; Lutz, Wolfgang
2011The impact of policies influencing the demography of age-structured populations: Lessons from academies of scienceRiosmena, Fernando; Winkler-Dworak, Maria; Prskawetz, Alexia; Feichtinger, Gustav
2011Geburtenbarometer Wien: Analyse der konvergenten Fertilität zwischen Wien und ÖsterreichZeman, Kryštof; Sobotka, Tomáš; Gisser, Richard; Winkler-Dworak, Maria; Lutz, Wolfgang
2013State of the art: Family-related foresight approachDi Giulio, Paola; Fent, Thomas; Philipov, Dimiter; Vobecká, Jana; Winkler-Dworak, Maria
2013The longevity of academicians: Evidence from the Saxonian Academy of Sciences and Humanities in LeipzigWinkler-Dworak, Maria; Kaden, Heiner
2017Union Instability and Fertility: A Microsimulation Model for Italy and Great BritainWinkler-Dworak, Maria; Beaujouan, Eva; Di Giulio, Paola; Spielauer, Martin
2019Simulating Family Life Courses: An Application for Italy, Great Britain, and ScandinaviaWinkler-Dworak, Maria; Beaujouan, Éva; Di Giulio, Paola; Spielauer, Martin