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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1994 The EMS crisis and the prospects for European Monetary UnionWinkler, Adalbert
1998 Financial Development, Economic Growth and Corporate GovernanceWinkler, Adalbert
1999 Promotional banks as an instrument for improving the financing situation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the transition economies of Central and Eastern Europe: Some observations based on the development of the German financial systemWinkler, Adalbert
1999 Förderbanken als Instrument zur Verbesserung der Finanzierungssituation kleiner und mittlerer Unternehmen in den Transformationsstaaten Mittel- und OsteuropasWinkler, Adalbert
1999 Building Financial Institutions in Developing CountriesSchmidt, Reinhard H.; Winkler, Adalbert
2001 On the need for an international lender of last resort: Lessons from domestic financial marketsWinkler, Adalbert
2002 Economic relations with regions neighbouring the euro area in the "Euro Time Zone"Mazzaferro, Francesco; Mehl, Arnaud; Sturm, Michael; Thimann, Christian; Winkler, Adalbert
2004 Official dollarisation/euroisation - motives, features and policy implications of current casesWinkler, Adalbert; Mazzaferro, Francesco; Nerlich, Carolin; Thimann, Christian
2006 Macroeconomic and financial stability challenges for acceding and candidate countriesWinkler, Adalbert; Beck, Roland; International Relations Committee Task Force on Enlargement
2007 Commodity price fluctuations and their impact on monetary and fiscal policies in Western and Central AfricaBöwer, Uwe; Geis, André; Winkler, Adalbert
2008 Real convergence, financial markets, and the current account – Emerging Europe versus emerging AsiaHerrmann, Sabine; Winkler, Adalbert
2008 Financial stability challenges in candidate countries - managing the transition to deeper and more market-oriented financial systemsBracke, Thierry; Geis, André; Habib, Maurizio; Móré, Csaba; Polgár, Éva Katalin; Winkler, Adalbert; Cocozza, Emidio; Backé, Peter; IRC Expert Group on Financial Stability Challenges in Candidate Countries
2008 Russia, EU enlargement and the euroPolanski, Zbigniew; Winkler, Adalbert
2008 Emerging markets and the global monetary system: The challenge of rising inflationRemsperger, Hermann; Winkler, Adalbert
2008 Financial markets and the current account: emerging Europe versus emerging AsiaHerrmann, Sabine; Winkler, Adalbert
2008 Globale Ungleichgewichte, Wechselkursregime und FinanzkriseWinkler, Adalbert
2009 Finanzierungsstrukturen und makroökonomische Stabilität in den Ländern Südosteuropas, der Türkei und in den GUS-StaatenWinkler, Adalbert; Vogel, Ursula
2010 Debatte über Griechenland verfehlt Kern von FinanzkrisenWinkler, Adalbert
2010 The financial crisis: A wake-up call for strengthening regional monitoring of financial markets and regional coordination of financial sector policies?Winkler, Adalbert
2010 Foreign banks and financial stability in emerging markets: Evidence from the global financial crisisVogel, Ursula; Winkler, Adalbert