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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997 Moment conditions for dynamic panel data models with multiplicative individual effects in the conditional varianceMeghir, Costas; Windmeijer, Frank
1998 Efficiency comparisons for a system GMM estimator in dynamic panel data modelsWindmeijer, Frank
1999 Individual effects and dynamics in count data modelsBlundell, Richard; Griffith, Rachel; Windmeijer, Frank
1999 Two-part multiple spell models for health care demandSilva, Joao M.C. Santos; Windmeijer, Frank
2000 Wages and the Demand for Health - A Life Cycle AnalysisDustmann, Christian; Windmeijer, Frank
2000 Wages and the demand for health - a life cycle analysisDustmann, Christian; Windmeijer, Frank
2000 Estimation in dynamic panel data models: improving on the performance of the standard GMM estimatorBlundell, Richard; Bond, Steve; Windmeijer, Frank
2000 A finite sample correction for the variance of linear two-step GMM estimatorsWindmeijer, Frank
2000 Identifying demand for health resources using waiting times informationBlundell, Richard; Windmeijer, Frank
2001 Projection estimators for autoregressive panel data modelsBond, Steve; Windmeijer, Frank
2001 Criterion-based inference for GMM in autoregressive panel data modelsBond, Stephen; Bowsher, Clive; Windmeijer, Frank
2002 Expend, a Gauss programme for non-linear GMM estimation of exponential models with endogenous regressors for cross section and panel dataWindmeijer, Frank
2002 Finite sample inference for GMM estimators in linear panel data modelsBond, Stephen R.; Windmeijer, Frank
2004 Waiting lists, waiting times and admissions: An empirical analysis at hospital and general practice levelWindmeijer, Frank; Gravell, Hugh; Hoonhout, Pierre
2005 GMM with many weak moment conditionsNewey, Whitney K.; Windmeijer, Frank
2005 Unit roots: Identification and testing in micro panelsBond, Stephen; Nauges, CĂ©line; Windmeijer, Frank
2006 GMM for panel count data modelsWindmeijer, Frank
2007 The weak instrument problem of the system GMM estimator in dynamic panel data modelsBun, Maurice; Windmeijer, Frank
2009 The Weak Instrument Problem of the System GMM Estimator in Dynamic Panel Data ModelsBun, Maurice J.G.; Windmeijer, Frank
2010 Is it different for zeros? Discriminating between models for non-negative data with many zerosSilva, J. M. C. Santos; Tenreyro, Silvana; Windmeijer, Frank