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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1986 Exchange Rate and Related Economic Exposures: A Theory for Management Strategy and Information NeedsOxelheim, Lars; Wihlborg, Clas
1987 Speculation, Bubbles, and Sunspots under Structural UncertaintyWihlborg, Clas
1989 International Stock Markets and Fluctuations in Exchange Rates and Other Macroeconomic VariablesIbrahimi, Fatemeh; Oxelheim, Lars; Wihlborg, Clas
1989 The Incentive to Acquire Information and Financial Market EfficiencyWihlborg, Clas
1991 Accounting for Macroeconomic Influences on the FirmOxelheim, Lars; Wihlborg, Clas
1992 A Note: On Business Myopia and Market OrganizationWihlborg, Clas
1992 The Scandinavian Models for Development and WelfareWihlborg, Clas
1993 The Necessary Institutional Framework to Transform Formerly Planned Economies - with special emphasis on the institutions needed to stimulate foreign investment in the formerly planned economiesEliasson, Gunnar; Rybczynski, Tad; Wihlborg, Clas
1999 Supervision of banks after EMUWihlborg, Clas
2002 Insolvency and debt recovery procedures in economic development: An overview of African lawWihlborg, Clas
2002 Recognizing Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Value Based ManagementOxelheim, Lars; Wihlborg, Clas
2008 Executive Compensation and Macroeconomic FluctuationsOxelheim, Lars; Wihlborg, Clas; Zhang, Jianhoa
2009 Origins and Resolution of Financial Crises; Lessons from the Current and Northern European CrisesOstrup, Finn; Oxelheim, Lars; Wihlborg, Clas
2009 Corporate Distress and Restructuring with Macroeconomic Fluctuations: The Cases of GM and FordOxelheim, Lars; Wihlborg, Clas
2010 Growth through poverty reduction and financial inclusionConteh, Alieu; Gangopadhay, Shubhashis; von Braun, Joachim; Wihlborg, Clas
2010 How to Avoid Compensating CEO for Luck: The Case of Microeconomic FluctuationsOxelheim, Lars; Wihlborg, Clas; Zhang, Jianhua
2010 The CFO’s Information Challenge in Managing Macroeconomic RiskOxelheim, Lars; Wihlborg, Clas; Thorsheim, Marcus
2012 Developing Distress Resolution Procedures for Financial InstitutionsWihlborg, Clas
2015 Escalating crisis in the eurozone: The case for conditional debt relief for Greece (Statement No. 40)Veredas, David; Thygesen, Niels; Berglund, Tom; H. Schmidt, Reinhard; Bruni, Franco; Benink, Harald; Alexander, Kern; Carbo-Valverde, Santiago; Lastra, Rosa; Wihlborg, Clas; European Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee (ESFRC)