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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1986 Exchange Rate and Related Economic Exposures: A Theory for Management Strategy and Information NeedsOxelheim, Lars; Wihlborg, Clas
1987 Speculation, Bubbles, and Sunspots under Structural UncertaintyWihlborg, Clas
1989 The Incentive to Acquire Information and Financial Market EfficiencyWihlborg, Clas
1989 International Stock Markets and Fluctuations in Exchange Rates and Other Macroeconomic VariablesIbrahimi, Fatemeh; Oxelheim, Lars; Wihlborg, Clas
1991 Accounting for Macroeconomic Influences on the FirmOxelheim, Lars; Wihlborg, Clas
1992 A Note: On Business Myopia and Market OrganizationWihlborg, Clas
1992 The Scandinavian Models for Development and WelfareWihlborg, Clas
1993 The Necessary Institutional Framework to Transform Formerly Planned Economies - with special emphasis on the institutions needed to stimulate foreign investment in the formerly planned economiesEliasson, Gunnar; Rybczynski, Tad; Wihlborg, Clas
1999 Supervision of banks after EMUWihlborg, Clas
2002 Recognizing Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Value Based ManagementOxelheim, Lars; Wihlborg, Clas
2002 Insolvency and debt recovery procedures in economic development: An overview of African lawWihlborg, Clas
2008 Executive Compensation and Macroeconomic FluctuationsOxelheim, Lars; Wihlborg, Clas; Zhang, Jianhoa
2009 Origins and Resolution of Financial Crises; Lessons from the Current and Northern European CrisesOstrup, Finn; Oxelheim, Lars; Wihlborg, Clas
2009 Corporate Distress and Restructuring with Macroeconomic Fluctuations: The Cases of GM and FordOxelheim, Lars; Wihlborg, Clas
2010 Growth through poverty reduction and financial inclusionConteh, Alieu; Gangopadhay, Shubhashis; von Braun, Joachim; Wihlborg, Clas
2010 How to Avoid Compensating CEO for Luck: The Case of Microeconomic FluctuationsOxelheim, Lars; Wihlborg, Clas; Zhang, Jianhua
2010 The CFO’s Information Challenge in Managing Macroeconomic RiskOxelheim, Lars; Wihlborg, Clas; Thorsheim, Marcus
2012 Developing Distress Resolution Procedures for Financial InstitutionsWihlborg, Clas
2015 Escalating crisis in the eurozone: The case for conditional debt relief for Greece (Statement No. 40)Veredas, David; Thygesen, Niels; Berglund, Tom; H. Schmidt, Reinhard; Bruni, Franco; Benink, Harald; Alexander, Kern; Carbo-Valverde, Santiago; Lastra, Rosa; Wihlborg, Clas; European Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee (ESFRC)