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2006Aid's political consequences: The embedded aid systemWhitfield, Lindsay
2007Ghana: the political dimensions of aid dependenceWhitfield, Lindsay; Jones, Emily
2008The politics of aid: African strategies for dealing with donorsFraser, Alastair; Whitfield, Lindsay
2009Refraiming the aid debate: Why aid isn't working and how it should be changedWhitfield, Lindsay
2009Ownership and the donor-recipient relationshipWhitfield, Lindsay
2009The new 'New Poverty Agenda' in Ghana: What impact?Whitfield, Lindsay
2010Developing technological capabilities in agro-industry: Ghana's experience with fresh pineapple exports in comparative perspectiveWhitfield, Lindsay
2011Competitive clientelism, easy financing and weak capitalists: The contemporary political settlement in GhanaWhitfield, Lindsay
2011Engaging in productive sector development: Comparisons between Mozambique and GhanaBuur, Lars; Whitfield, Lindsay
2011What drives states to support the development of productive sectors? Strategies ruling elites pursue for political survival and their policy implicationsWhitfield, Lindsay; Therkildsen, Ole
2011How countries become rich and reduce poverty: A review of heterodox explanations of economic developmentWhitfield, Lindsay
2011Growth without economic transformation: Economic impacts of Ghana's political settlementWhitfield, Lindsay
2011Political challenges to developing non-traditional exports in Ghana: The case of horticulture exportsWhitfield, Lindsay
2012Developing a palm oil sector: The experiences of Malaysia and Ghana comparedFold, Niels; Whitfield, Lindsay
2014Reframing African political economy: Clientelism, rents and accumulation as drivers of capitalist transformationGray, Hazel; Whitfield, Lindsay
2020Exporting out of China or out of Africa? Automation versus relocation in the global clothing industryAltenburg, Tilman; Chen, Xiao; L├╝tkenhorst, Wilfried; Staritz, Cornelia; Whitfield, Lindsay