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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Aid's political consequences: The embedded aid systemWhitfield, Lindsay
2007 Ghana: the political dimensions of aid dependenceWhitfield, Lindsay; Jones, Emily
2008 The politics of aid: African strategies for dealing with donorsFraser, Alastair; Whitfield, Lindsay
2009 Ownership and the donor-recipient relationshipWhitfield, Lindsay
2009 Refraiming the aid debate: Why aid isn't working and how it should be changedWhitfield, Lindsay
2009 The new 'New Poverty Agenda' in Ghana: What impact?Whitfield, Lindsay
2010 Developing technological capabilities in agro-industry: Ghana's experience with fresh pineapple exports in comparative perspectiveWhitfield, Lindsay
2011 How countries become rich and reduce poverty: A review of heterodox explanations of economic developmentWhitfield, Lindsay
2011 What drives states to support the development of productive sectors? Strategies ruling elites pursue for political survival and their policy implicationsWhitfield, Lindsay; Therkildsen, Ole
2011 Political challenges to developing non-traditional exports in Ghana: The case of horticulture exportsWhitfield, Lindsay
2011 Competitive clientelism, easy financing and weak capitalists: The contemporary political settlement in GhanaWhitfield, Lindsay
2011 Engaging in productive sector development: Comparisons between Mozambique and GhanaBuur, Lars; Whitfield, Lindsay
2011 Growth without economic transformation: Economic impacts of Ghana's political settlementWhitfield, Lindsay
2012 Developing a palm oil sector: The experiences of Malaysia and Ghana comparedFold, Niels; Whitfield, Lindsay
2014 Reframing African political economy: Clientelism, rents and accumulation as drivers of capitalist transformationGray, Hazel; Whitfield, Lindsay
2020 Exporting out of China or out of Africa? Automation versus relocation in the global clothing industryAltenburg, Tilman; Chen, Xiao; L├╝tkenhorst, Wilfried; Staritz, Cornelia; Whitfield, Lindsay