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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1991 How large are the incentives to join sub-global carbon reduction initiatives?Piggott, John; Whalley, John; Wigle, Randall M.
1999 The environmental regime in developing countriesJha, Raghbendra; Whalley, John
2000 State-Owned Enterprises, Shirking and Trade LiberalizationMadanmohan, Ghosh; Whalley, John
2002 Are price controls necessarily bad? The case of rice in VietnamGhosh, Madanmohan; Whalley, John
2002 Adaptation, internalization and environmental damageAbrego, Lisandro; Whalley, John
2002 How often are propositions on the effects of regional trade agreements theoretical curiosa and when should they guide policy?Abrego, Lisandro; Riezman, Raymond; Whalley, John
2002 Firm property rights, bargaining, and internalizationAbrego, Lisandro; Whalley, John
2002 Short and long run decompositions of OECD wage in[e]quality changesEdwards, T. Huw; Whalley, John
2002 Discreteness and the welfare cost of labour supply tax distortionsBhattarai, Keshab; Whalley, John
2003 Taxes and traffic in Asian cities: Ownership and use taxes on autos in SingaporeChia, Ngee-Choon; Tsui, Albert K. C.; Whalley, John
2003 Migration and pollutionJha, Raghbendra; Whalley, John
2004 Geographical Extension of Free Trade Zones as Trade Liberalization: A Numerical Simulation ApproachNg, Chi-Yung; Whalley, John
2005 Trade liberalization in a joint spatial inter-temporal trade modelHuang, Hui; Whalley, John; Zhang, Shunming
2005 Trade model with an optimal exchange rate motivated by current discussion of a Chinese Renminbi floatHuang, Hui; Wang, Yi; Wang, Yiming; Whalley, John; Zhang, Shunming
2005 BRICSAM and the non-WTOAntkiewicz, Agata; Whalley, John
2005 Visas and work permits : possible global negotiating initiativesNg, Chi-Yung; Whalley, John
2005 Metrics capturing the degree to which individual economies are globalizedRiezman, Raymond; Whalley, John; Zhang, Shunming
2005 Rationality, irrationality and economic cognitionWhalley, John
2005 Globalization and valuesWhalley, John
2005 Pitfalls in the use of ad valorem equivalent representations of the trade impacts of domestic policiesWhalley, John