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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1991How large are the incentives to join sub-global carbon reduction initiatives?Piggott, John; Whalley, John; Wigle, Randall M.
1999The environmental regime in developing countriesJha, Raghbendra; Whalley, John
2000State-Owned Enterprises, Shirking and Trade LiberalizationMadanmohan, Ghosh; Whalley, John
2002Short and long run decompositions of OECD wage in[e]quality changesEdwards, T. Huw; Whalley, John
2002Discreteness and the welfare cost of labour supply tax distortionsBhattarai, Keshab; Whalley, John
2002Firm property rights, bargaining, and internalizationAbrego, Lisandro; Whalley, John
2002Are price controls necessarily bad? The case of rice in VietnamGhosh, Madanmohan; Whalley, John
2002How often are propositions on the effects of regional trade agreements theoretical curiosa and when should they guide policy?Abrego, Lisandro; Riezman, Raymond; Whalley, John
2002Adaptation, internalization and environmental damageAbrego, Lisandro; Whalley, John
2003Migration and pollutionJha, Raghbendra; Whalley, John
2003Taxes and traffic in Asian cities: Ownership and use taxes on autos in SingaporeChia, Ngee-Choon; Tsui, Albert K. C.; Whalley, John
2004Geographical Extension of Free Trade Zones as Trade Liberalization: A Numerical Simulation ApproachNg, Chi-Yung; Whalley, John
2005Trade liberalization in a joint spatial inter-temporal trade modelHuang, Hui; Whalley, John; Zhang, Shunming
2005Rationality, irrationality and economic cognitionWhalley, John
2005Visas and work permits : possible global negotiating initiativesNg, Chi-Yung; Whalley, John
2005Globalization and valuesWhalley, John
2005BRICSAM and the non-WTOAntkiewicz, Agata; Whalley, John
2005Metrics capturing the degree to which individual economies are globalizedRiezman, Raymond; Whalley, John; Zhang, Shunming
2005Pitfalls in the use of ad valorem equivalent representations of the trade impacts of domestic policiesWhalley, John
2005Trade model with an optimal exchange rate motivated by current discussion of a Chinese Renminbi floatHuang, Hui; Wang, Yi; Wang, Yiming; Whalley, John; Zhang, Shunming