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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010The interplay between market factors and regulation in next-generation broadband: evidence from EuropeRagoobar, Tricia; Whalley, Jason; Harle, David
2011Third time lucky? An exploration of Hutchison Whampoa's involvement in the mobile telecommunications industryWhalley, Jason; Curwen, Peter
2013European influence in ITU-R: The end of an era of dominance?El-Moghazi, Mohamed; Whalley, Jason; Irvine, James
2013Public internet access in areas of deprivation: The case of GlasgowAnderson, Gillian; Whalley, Jason
2014Luxembourg a bastion of state ownershipBinsfeld, Nico; Whalley, Jason; Pugalis, Lee
2014Wireless Access Policy for Electronic Communications Services (WAPECS): Collision between theory and practiceEl-Moghazi, Mohamed; Whalley, Jason; Irvine, James
2015An exploratory study of the board composition of European incumbent telecommunication operatorsWhalley, Jason; Garrett, Janette; Vialle, Pierre
2015An assessment of innovation profiles of telecom operators: a longitudinal comparison between BT and Orange from 2004 to 2013Vialle, Pierre; Beltran, Samuel; Whalley, Jason
2015ICT ecosystems in small countries: an analysis of LuxembourgBinsfeld, Nico; Pugalis, Lee; Whalley, Jason
2015Technology Neutrality: Interaction between International Mobile Telecommunication and National Spectrum Management PoliciesEl-Moghazi, Mohamed; Whalley, Jason; Irvine, James
2016Technological Diversification of ICT companies into the Internet of things (IoT): A Patent -based AnalysisSadowski, Bert; Nomaler, Onder; Whalley, Jason
2016International Radio Spectrum Management Regime: Restricting or Enabling Opportunistic Access in the TVWS?El-Moghazi, Mohamed; Whalley, Jason; Irvine, James
2016Competing through e-skills: Luxembourg and its second level digital divideBinsfeld, Nico; Whalley, Jason; Pugalis, Lee
2016Speed isn't everything: a multi-criteria analysis of broadband access speeds in the UKStocker, Volker; Whalley, Jason
2016Infrastructure investment on the margins of the market: The role of niche infrastructure providers in the UKGerli, Paolo; Whalley, Jason
2016Is competition just a question of numbers? An analysis of the impact of the entry of Free Mobile into the French mobile telecommunications marketBerne, Michel; Vialle, Pierre; Whalley, Jason
2017An analysis of the structure, actors and interrelationships producing Luxembourg's ICT ecosystemBinsfeld, Nico; Whalley, Jason; Pugalis, Lee
2017The involvement of utilities in the development of broadband infrastructure: A comparison of EU case studiesGerli, Paolo; Van der Wee, Marlies; Verbrugge, Sofie; Whalley, Jason
2017Who replies to consultations, and what do they say? The case of broadband universal service in the UKStocker, Volker; Whalley, Jason
2017The Future of International Radio Regulations: Transformation Towards SharingEl-Moghazi, Mohamed; Whalley, Jason; Irvine, James