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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997 Semiparametric analysis of German East-West migration intentions: Facts and theoryBurda, Michael C.; Härdle, Wolfgang; Müller, Marlene; Werwatz, Axel
1997 Asymptotic properties of the nonparametric part in partial linear heteroscedastic regression modelsLiang, Hua; Härdle, Wolfgang; Werwatz, Axel
1999 Beyond manucentrism: Some fresh facts about job and worker flowsBingley, Paul; Eriksson, Tor; Werwatz, Axel; Westergård-Nielsen, Niels
2000 Simultaneous-equations modelsWerwatz, Axel; Müller, Christian
2000 Marginal employment - a dead end? A survival analysis based on West German spelldataKolb, Jürgen; Werwatz, Axel
2000 On the job search and the wage distributionChristensen, Bent Jesper; Mortensen, Dale; Neumann, George R.; Werwatz, Axel
2000 Analyzing XploRe download profiles with intelligent minerSofyan, Hizir; Werwatz, Axel
2001 The Duration of Marginal Employment in West Germany: A Survival Analysis Based on Spell DataKolb, Jürgen; Werwatz, Axel
2001 A state space model for Berlin house pricesSchulz, Rainer; Werwatz, Axel
2002 Does male age have an influence on the risk of spontaneous abortion? An approach combining semiparametric and parametric regressionSlama, Rémy; Werwatz, Axel; Boutou, Odile; Ducot, Béatrice; Spira, Alfred; Härdle, Wolfgang
2002 A simple state space model of house pricesSchulz, Rainer; Werwatz, Axel
2002 How accurate do markets predict the outcome of an event? The Euro 2000 soccer championships experimentSchmidt, Carsten; Werwatz, Axel
2002 Lohneffekte der ZeitarbeitKvasnicka, Michael; Werwatz, Axel
2002 Transactions that did not happen and their influence on pricesKirman, Alan P.; Härdle, Wolfgang; Schulz, Rainer; Werwatz, Axel
2002 On the wages of temporary help service workers in GermanyKvasnicka, Michael; Werwatz, Axel
2003 Arbeitsbedingungen und Perspektiven von ZeitarbeiternKvasnicka, Michael; Werwatz, Axel
2004 The Determinants of Debt and (Private) Equity Financing : The Case of Young, Innovative SMEs from GermanySchäfer, Dorothea; Werwatz, Axel; Zimmermann, Volker
2004 East Germany's Wage Gap: A non-parametric decomposition based on establishment characteristicsGörzig, Bernd; Gornig, Martin; Werwatz, Axel
2004 Regionalisierte Innovationspolitik sinnvollFritsch, Michael; Stephan, Andreas; Werwatz, Axel
2004 Ostdeutschland: strukturelle Niedriglohnregion?Görzig, Bernd; Gornig, Martin; Werwatz, Axel