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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Monetäre Schocks in VAR-ModellenGerke, Rafael; Werner, Thomas
2002 Time variation in the tail behaviour of bunds futures returnsUpper, Christian; Werner, Thomas
2002 Tail Wags Dog? Time-Varying Information Shares in the Bund MarketUpper, Christian; Werner, Thomas
2002 Time Variation in the Tail Behaviour of Bund Futures ReturnsUpper, Christian; Werner, Thomas
2003 Money in a New-Keynesian model estimated with German dataWerner, Thomas; Lombardo, Giovanni; Kremer, Jana
2003 Did the Bundesbank React to Stock Price Movements?Siklos, Pierre L.; Bohl, Martin T.; Werner, Thomas
2003 How wacky is the DAX? The changing structure of German stock market volatilityWerner, Thomas; Stapf, Jelena
2004 Asset Prices in Taylor Rules: Specification, Estimation, and Policy Implications for the ECBSiklos, Pierre L.; Werner, Thomas; Bohl, Martin T.
2006 Bank interest rate pass-through in the euro area: a cross country comparisonSørensen, Christoffer Kok; Werner, Thomas
2007 The term structure of euro area break-even inflation rates: the impact of seasonalityEjsing, Jacob; García, Juan Angel; Werner, Thomas
2009 The term structure of equity premia in an affine arbitrage-free model of bond and stock market dynamicsLemke, Wolfgang; Werner, Thomas
2010 Inflation risks and inflation risk premiaGarcía, Juan Angel; Werner, Thomas
2013 Price effects of minimum wages: Evidence from the construction sector in East and West GermanyWerner, Thomas; Sell, Friedrich L.; Reinisch, David C.
2017 The inflation risk premium in the post-Lehman periodCamba-Mendez, Gonzalo; Werner, Thomas
2017 Dissecting long-term Bund yields in the run-up to the ECB's Public Sector Purchase ProgrammeLemke, Wolfgang; Werner, Thomas