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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 Determinanten des deutschen KreditzinsniveausSchäfer, Stefan; Weistroffer, Christian
2008 Monitoring banking sector risks: An applied approachWeistroffer, Christian; Vallés, Veronica
2010 The Quest for Stability: The View of Financial InstitutionsBlommestein, Hans J.; Hoogduin, Lex H.; Peeters, Jolanda J.W.; Boonstra, Wim W.; Vallés, Verónica; Weistroffer, Christian; Schulmeister, Stephan
2011 Makroökonomische Ungleichgewichte in der EWU und das EurosystemMayer, Thomas; Möbert, Jochen; Weistroffer, Christian
2012 Bilateral current account rebalancing in the EMU: The link between Germany and the eurozone peripheral countriesDettmann, Georg; Möbert, Jochen; Weistroffer, Christian
2012 Macroeconomic Imbalances in EMU and the EurosystemMayer, Thomas; Möbert, Jochen; Weistroffer, Christian
2016 Shadow banking in the euro area: risks and vulnerabilities in the investment fund sectorDoyle, Nicola; Hermans, Lieven; Molitor, Philippe; Weistroffer, Christian
2016 Assessing shadow banking – non-bank financial intermediation in EuropeGrillet-Aubert, Laurent; Haquin, Jean-Baptiste; Jackson, Clive; Killeen, Neill; Weistroffer, Christian
2017 Developing macroprudential policy for alternative investment funds. Towards a framework for macroprudential leverage limits in Europe: an application for the Netherlandsvan der Veer, Koen; Levels, Anouk; Lambert, Claudia; Molestina Vivar, Luis; Weistroffer, Christian; Chaudron, Raymond; de Sousa van Stralen, René