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2002 Did East-Asian Developing Economies Lose Export Competitiveness in the Pre-Crisis 1990s?: Assessing East-Asian Export Performance from 1980 to 1996Weiss, John
2003 Micro Finance and Poverty Reduction in Asia: What is the Evidence?Weiss, John; Montgomery, Heather; Kurmanalieva, Elvira
2003 People's Republic of China's export threat to ASEAN: Competition in the US and Japanese marketsWeiss, John; Shanwen, Gao
2003 Explaining trends in regional poverty in People's Republic of ChinaWeiss, John
2004 People's Republic of China and Its Neighbors: Partners or Competitors for Trade and Investment?Weiss, John
2004 Reaching the Poor with Poverty Projects: What is the Evidence on Social Returns?Weiss, John
2004 Great expectations: Microfinance and poverty reduction in Asia and Latin AmericaWeiss, John; Montgomery, Heather
2004 People's Republic of China and its neighbors: Partners or competitors for trade and investment?Weiss, John
2004 Reaching the poor with poverty projects: What is the evidence on social returns?Weiss, John
2004 People's Republic of China's competitive threat to Latin America: An analysis for 1990 - 2002Lall, Sanjaya; Weiss, John
2005 Great Expectations: Microfinance and Poverty Reduction in Asia and Latin AmericaMontgomery, Heather; Weiss, John
2005 The Competitive Threat Posed by the People's Republic of China to Latin America: An Analysis for 1990-2002Lall, Sanjaya; Weiss, John
2005 Globalization, geography and regional policyWeiss, John
2005 The 'sophistication' of exports: A new measure of product characteristicsLall, Sanjaya; Weiss, John; Zhang, Jinkang
2005 Development in North East People's Republic of China: An analysis of enterprise performance 1995 - 2002Geng, Xiao; Weiss, John
2005 The People's Republic of China and its neighbors: Evolving patterns of trade and investmentWeiss, John
2005 Export growth and industrial policy: Lessons from the East Asian miracle experienceWeiss, John
2011 Industrial policy in the twenty-first centuryWeiss, John