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2001Größerer Verbraucherschutz durch mehr Regulierung?Herrmann, Roland; Scherhorn, Gerhard; Tangermann, Stefan; Weiss, Christoph; Wille, Martin
2007Corruption clubs: empirical evidence from kernel density estimatesHerzfeld, Thomas; Weiss, Christoph
2012Centrality and Pricing in Spatially Differentiated Markets: The Case of GasolineFirgo, Matthias; Pennerstorfer, Dieter; Weiss, Christoph
2013Testing the Internal Validity of Compulsory School Reforms as Instrument for Years of SchoolingBrunello, Giorgio; Fort, Margherita; Weber, Guglielmo; Weiss, Christoph
2013Entry and Competition in a Transition Economy: The Case of SlovakiaLábaj, Martin; Silaniè, Peter; Weiss, Christoph
2014Market Structure in Transition: Entry and Competition in SlovakiaLábaj, Martin; Morvay, Karol; Silaniè, Peter; Weiss, Christoph
2015Market Structure and Competition in the Health-care Industry: Results from a Transition EconomyLábaj, Martin; Šiškovičová, Alzbeta; Šiškovičová, Barbora; Silanič, Peter; Weiss, Christoph; Yontcheva, Biliana
2016Infrastructure investment in Europe and international competitivenessRevoltella, Debora; Brutscher, Philipp-Bastian; Tsiotras, Alexandra; Weiss, Christoph
2019Bridging the divide: New evidence about firms and digitalisationVeugelers, Reinhilde; Rückert, Désirée; Weiss, Christoph
2020Financing constraints and employers' investment in trainingBrunello, Giorgio; Gereben, Áron; Weiss, Christoph; Wruuck, Patricia
2020The growing digital divide in Europe and the United StatesRückert, Désirée; Veugelers, Reinhilde; Weiss, Christoph
2021Complementarities in capital formation and production: Tangible and intangible assets across EuropeThum-Thysen, Anna; Voigt, Peter; Weiss, Christoph
2022Consumer Information and Price Transmission: Empirical EvidenceLoy, Jens‐Peter; Pennerstorfer, Dieter; Rroshi, Daniela; Weiss, Christoph; Yontcheva, Biliana
2023The green and digital twin transition: EU vs US firmsVeugelers, Reinhilde; Faivre, Clémence; Rückert, Désirée; Weiss, Christoph
2023Advanced digital technologies and investment in employee training: Complements or substitutes?Brunello, Giorgio; Rückert, Désirée; Weiss, Christoph; Wruuck, Patricia