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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1988 The capacity constrained mining firm under various tax regimesMeyer, Anke; Weihs, Claus
1997 A note on the behaviour of the process capability index Cpmk with asymmetric specification limitsJessenberger, Jutta; Weihs, Claus
1998 Optimal vs. classical linear dimension reductionRöhl, Michael C.; Weihs, Claus
1998 A note on a multivariate analogue of the process capability index CpJessenberger, Jutta; Weihs, Claus
1999 Descriptive studies on stylized facts of the German business cycleTheis, Winfried; Vogtländer, Kai; Weihs, Claus
1999 Regularization and model selection in the context of density estimationKreutz, Martin; Reimetz, Anja M.; Sendhoff, Bernhard; Weihs, Claus; von Seelen, Werner
1999 Dynamic Bayesian networks for classification of business cyclesSondhauss, Ursula; Weihs, Claus
1999 Variance reduction with Monte Carlo estimates of error rates in multivariate classificationWeihs, Claus; Calzolari, Giorgio; Röhl, Michael C.
1999 Clustering techniques for the detection of business cyclesTheis, Winfried; Weihs, Claus
1999 Direct minimization of error rates in multivariate classificationRöhl, Michael C.; Weihs, Claus
1999 Multivariate classification of business phasesWeihs, Claus; Röhl, Michael C.; Theis, Winfried
2000 Business phase classification and prediction: how to compare interpretability of classification methods?Weihs, Claus; Sondhauss, Ursula
2000 Variables selection in observational and experimental studiesKunert, Joachim; Weihs, Claus
2000 Business cycle prediction using support vector methodsVogtländer, Kai; Weihs, Claus
2001 Combining mental fit and data fit for classification rule selectionWeihs, Claus; Sondhauss, Ursula
2001 Incorporating background knowledge for better prediction of cycle phasesSondhauss, Ursula; Weihs, Claus
2001 An approach for the determination of predictable time seriesBusse, Anja M.; Steuer, Detlef; Weihs, Claus
2001 Standardizing the comparison of partitionsSondhauss, Ursula; Weihs, Claus
2002 Stability of multivariate representation of business cycles over timeWeihs, Claus; Garczarek, Ursula
2002 Comparing classifiers in standardized partition spaces using experimental designGarczarek, Ursula; Weihs, Claus