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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1992 An Introduction to Evolutionary Game TheoryWeibull, Jörgen W.
1992 Evolution and Rationality: Some Recent Game-Theoretic ResultsBanerjee, Abhijit; Weibull, Jörgen W.
1993 Evolutionary Selection in Normal Form GamesRitzberger, Klaus; Weibull, Jörgen W.
1993 Evolutionary Selection with Discriminating PlayersBanerjee, Abhijit; Weibull, Jörgen W.
1993 The 'As if' Approach to Game Theory: 3 Positive Results and 4 ObstaclesWeibull, Jörgen W.
1994 Nash Equilibrium and Evolution by ImitationBjörnerstedt, Jonas; Weibull, Jörgen W.
1994 The Mass-Action Interpretation of Nash EquilibriumWeibull, Jörgen W.
1995 Evolutionary Selection against Dominated StrategiesHofbauer, Josef; Weibull, Jörgen W.
1996 Managerial Incentives and Market IntegrationWeibull, Jörgen W.
1996 Neutrally Stable Outcomes in Cheap Talk GamesBanerjee, Abhijit; Weibull, Jörgen W.
1997 What have we learned from Evolutionary Game Theory so far?Weibull, Jörgen W.
1997 Social Norms and Economic Incentives in the Welfare StateLindbeck, Assar; Nyberg, Sten; Weibull, Jörgen W.
1997 Internal Efficiency and External ConditionsWeibull, Jörgen W.
1997 Evolution, Rationality and Equilibrium in GamesWeibull, Jörgen W.
1997 A Note on Social Norms and TransfersSundén, David; Weibull, Jörgen W.
1998 Evolution with Mutations Driven by Control CostsWeibull, Jörgen W.; van Damme, Eric
1998 Clever Agents in Young's Evolutionary Bargaining ModelWeibull, Jörgen W.; Saez-Marti, Maria
1999 Evolution and Refinement with Endogenous Mistake Probabilitiesvan Damme, Eric; Weibull, Jörgen W.
2000 Deterministic Approximation of Stochastic Evolution in GamesBenaim, Michel; Weibull, Jörgen W.
2000 Probabilistic Choice as a Result of MistakesMattsson, Lars-Göran; Weibull, Jörgen W.