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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Decentralized energy supply and electricity market structuresWeber, Christoph; Vogel, Philip
2005 Kapitalerhaltung bei Anwendung der erfolgsneutralen Stichtagskursmethode zur WährungsumrechnungWeber, Christoph
2007 Modelling the impact of different permit allocation rules on optimal power plant portfoliosWeber, Christoph; Vogel, Philip; Woll, Oliver
2007 Portfolio Optimization in Electricity Trading with Limited LiquidityWeber, Christoph; Woll, Oliver
2007 Merit-Order-Effekte von Erneuerbaren Energien - Zu schön um wahr zu sein?Weber, Christoph; Woll, Oliver
2009 Energieeinsparverordnung 2009 und Erneuerbare-Energie-Wärmegesetz – Auswirkungen auf die Heizkosten und -systeme in WohngebäudenEickholt, Volker; Bauermann, Klaas; Weber, Christoph
2009 Efficiency versus Robustness of Markets - Why improving market efficiency should not be the only objective of market regulationWeber, Christoph
2009 Valuing fuel diversification in optimal investment policies for electricity generation portfoliosSunderkoetter, Malte; Weber, Christoph
2009 Gas Storage Valuation under Limited Market Liquidity: An Application in GermanyFelix, Bastian; Woll, Oliver; Weber, Christoph
2010 Quantification of Political Risk in Energy Foresight - A Method OverviewWeber, Christoph
2011 Renewable electric energy integration: Quantifying the value of design of markets for international transmission capacityNeuhoff, Karsten; Boyd, Rodney; Grau, Thilo; Barquin, Julian; Echavarren, Francisco; Bialek, Janusz; Dent, Chris; von Hirschhausen, Christian; Hobbs, Benjamin; Kunz, Friedrich; Weigt, Hannes; Nabe, Christian; Papaefthymiou, Georgios; Weber, Christoph
2011 Mean-Variance optimization of power generation portfolios under uncertainty in the merit orderSunderkötter, Malte; Weber, Christoph
2011 Optimal Environmental Policy Design In The Presence Of Uncertainty And Technology SpilloversHimmes, Patrick; Weber, Christoph
2012 Informational Efficiency in Futures Markets for Crude OilFritz, Andreas; Weber, Christoph
2012 Strategic Behavior in the German Balancing Energy Mechanism: Incentives, Evidence, Costs and SolutionsJust, Sebastian; Weber, Christoph
2012 The Cost of Equity of Network Operators - Empirical Evidence and Regulatory PracticeSchaeffler, Stephan; Weber, Christoph
2012 Technical Uncertainty and Value of Information with Application to Optimal Network Component ReplacementSchaeffler, Stephan; Schober, Dominik; Weber, Christoph
2013 A Hotelling Model for Fixed-Cost Driven Power GenerationRenz, Andreas A.; Weber, Christoph
2013 An Empirical Analysis of Liquidity and its Determinants in The German Intraday Market for ElectricityHagemann, Simon; Weber, Christoph
2013 Does One Design Fit All? On The Transferability Of The PJM Market Design To The German Electricity MarketSchmitz, Katrin; Weber, Christoph