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1990 Credibility, Reputation and the Conduct of Economic Policies Within the European Monetary SystemWeber, Axel A.
1990 The Credibility of Monetary Target Announcement: An Empirical EvaluationWeber, Axel A.
1990 European Economic and Monetary Union and Asymmetries and Adjustment Problems in the European Monetary System: Some Empirical EvidenceWeber, Axel A.
1991 Time-Varying Devaluation Risk, Interest Rate Differentials and Exchange Rates in Target Zones: Empirical Evidence from the EMSWeber, Axel A.
1991 Stochastic Process Switching and Intervention in Exchange Rate Target Zones: Empirical Evidence from the EMSWeber, Axel A.
1991 The Role of Policymakers' Reputation in the EMS Disinflations: An Empirical EvaluationWeber, Axel A.
1993 Testing Long-Run Neutrality: Empirical Evidence for G7-Countries with Special Emphasis on GermanyWeber, Axel A.
1993 Monetary Policy in Europe: Towards a European Central Bank and One European CurrencyWeber, Axel A.
1993 Exchange Rates, Target Zones and International Trade: The Importance of the Policy Making FrameworkWeber, Axel A.
2003 How wide are European borders? On the integration effects of monetary unionsWeber, Axel A.; Beck, Guenter
2003 Economic integration and the exchange rate regime: How damaging are currency crises?Weber, Axel A.; Beck, Günter W.
2005 Inflation rate dispersion and convergence in monetary and economic unions: lessons for the ECBWeber, Axel A.; Beck, Günter W.
2005 Price stability, inflation convergence and diversity in EMU: Does one size fit all?Weber, Axel A.; Beck, Günter W.
2008 Monetary Policy, Regulation and Volatile MarketsCalverley, John P.; Restoy, Fernando; Thuesen, Jesper Ulriksen; Vivoli, Andrea; Wadhwani, Sushil; Weber, Axel A.
2009 Die neue Architektur der internationalen FinanzweltFahrenschon, Georg; Weber, Axel A.; Weimer, Theodor
2013 States, Banks, and the Financing of the Economy: Fiscal Policy and Sovereign Risk PerspectivesBalling, Morten; Egger, Peter; Gnan, Ernest; Weber, Axel A.; Stieber, Harald W.; Vourloumis, Stavros; Afonso, António; Jalles, João Tovar; Bruni, Franco; van Poeck, André; Wijffelaars, Maartje; Menguy, Séverine; Boonstra, Wim; Bruinshoofd, Allard; Hryckiewicz, Aneta