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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997Vacancy durations: A model for employer's searchWeber, Andrea
1999Economic Policy Coordination in the EMU. How Much Scope will There be Within the Framework of the Stability and Growth Pact?Breuss, Fritz; Weber, Andrea
2001Wage mobility in Austria 1986 - 1996Hofer, Helmut; Weber, Andrea
2002Choice and success of job search methodsWeber, Andrea; Mahringer, Helmut
2002State dependence and wage dynamics: A heterogeneous Markov chain model for wage mobility in AustriaWeber, Andrea
2003Sectoral adjustment of employment: The impact of outsourcing and trade at the micro levelEgger, Peter; Pfaffermayr, Michael; Weber, Andrea
2003Active job-search programs a promising tool? A microeconometric evaluation for AustriaWeber, Andrea; Hofer, Helmut
2005Study on the effectiveness of ALMPs: Research project for the European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. Final reportKluve, Jochen; Fertig, Michael; Jacobi, Lena; Nima, Leonhard; Schaffner, Sandra; Schmidt, Christoph M.; Card, David; Góra, Marek; Jensen, Peter; Leetmaa, Reelika; Patacchini, Eleonora; van der Klaauw, Bas; Weber, Andrea
2006The effects of marginal employment on subsequent labour market outcomesBöheim, René; Weber, Andrea
2006Do wages compensate for anticipated working time restrictions? Evidence from seasonal employment in AustriaDel Bono, Emilia; Weber, Andrea
2006Active Labor Market Policy in Austria: Practice and Evaluation ResultsHofer, Helmut; Weber, Andrea
2007Clash of career and family: fertility decisions after job displacementDel Bono, Emilia; Weber, Andrea; Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf
2008Clash of Career and Family: Fertility Decisions after Job DisplacementBono, Emilia Del; Weber, Andrea; Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf
2008Clash of career and family: Fertility decisions after job displacementDel Bono, Emilia; Weber, Andrea; Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf
2009Competition and Gender Prejudice: Are Discriminatory Employers Doomed to Fail?Weber, Andrea; Zulehner, Christine
2009Female Hires and the Success of Start-up FirmsWeber, Andrea; Zulehner, Christine
2009Active Labor Market Policy Evaluations: A Meta-analysisCard, David E.; Kluve, Jochen; Weber, Andrea
2010Extracting Firm Information from Administrative Records: The ASSD Firm PanelFink, Martina; Segalla, Esther; Weber, Andrea; Zulehner, Christine
2010Intertemporal Substitution in Labor Force Participation: Evidence from Policy DiscontinuitiesManoli, Dayanand; Weber, Andrea
2010Labor Market Entry and Earnings Dynamics: Bayesian Inference Using Mixtures-of-Experts Markov Chain ClusteringFrühwirth-Schnatter, Sylvia; Pamminger, Christoph; Weber, Andrea; Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf