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2004 Import prices and pricing-to-market effects in the euro areaWarmedinger, Thomas
2005 Competitiveness and the export performance of the euro areadi Mauro, Filippo; Anderton, Robert; Ernst, Ekkehard; Maurin, Laurent; Pokutova, Sonia; Melyn, Wim; Jochem, Axel; Pakinezou, N. M.; Torres, Javier; Lecat, Remy; Cassidy, Mark; Tedeschi, Roberto; Walch, Erik; Eggelte, Jurriann; Wagner, Karin; Abreu, Ildeberta; Kinnunen, Helvi; Blattner, Tobias; Santis, Roberto De; Oliveira-Soires, Rodrigo; Shen, Jian-Guang; Sydow, Matthias; Warmedinger, Thomas; Zumer, Tina; Nelissen, Iris; Breda, Emanuelle; Ad Hoc Task Force on "Competitiveness and the Export Performance of the Euro Area"
2006 The German block of the ESCB multi-country modelVetlov, Igor; Warmedinger, Thomas
2007 Modelling intra- and extra-area trade substitution and exchange rate pass-through in the euro areaDieppe, Alistair; Warmedinger, Thomas
2010 The gains from early intervention in Europe: Fiscal surveillance and fiscal planning using cash dataHughes Hallett, Andrew; Kuhn, Moritz; Warmedinger, Thomas
2013 Forecasting fiscal time series using mixed frequency dataAsimakopoulos, Stylianos; Paredes, Joan; Warmedinger, Thomas
2015 Fiscal multipliers and beyondWarmedinger, Thomas; Checherita-Westphal, Cristina; Hernández de Cos, Pablo
2017 Debt sustainability analysis for euro area sovereigns: A methodological frameworkBouabdallah, Othman; Checherita-Westphal, Cristina; Warmedinger, Thomas; De Stefani, Roberta; Drudi, Francesco; Setzer, Ralph; Westphal, Andreas