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1998 Costly intermediation and the big pushBecsi, Zsolt; Wang, Ping; Wynne, Mark A.
1998 Endogenous market structures and financial developmentBecsi, Zsolt; Wang, Ping; Wynne, Mark A.
2000 Inflation, trade frictions, and productive activity in a multiple-matching model of moneyLaing, Derek; Li, Victor E.; Wang, Ping
2000 Financial matchmakers in credit markets with heterogeneous borrowersBecsi, Zsolt; Li, Victor; Wang, Ping
2002 Nominal and real disturbances and money demand in the Chinese hyperinflationTallman, Ellis W.; Tang, De-piao; Wang, Ping
2008 Preference bias and outsourcing to market: a steady-state analysisWang, Ping; Riezman, Raymond
2012 Taxing Pollutuion: Agglomeration and Welfare ConsequencesBerliant, Marcus; Peng, Shin-Kun; Wang, Ping
2012 Impact of information sharing and buyer dependence among supply chain members on trust and strategic flexibilityShi, Kui-ran; Wang, Ji-ning; Wang, Ping
2015 Intermediate Goods Trade, Technology Choice and ProductivityPeng, Shin-Kun; Riezman, Raymond; Wang, Ping
2015 China's Gains from WTO Accession: Imports versus ExportsLai, Ting-Wei; Riezman, Raymond; Wang, Ping
2016 Urbanization and Economic Development: A Tale of Two BarriersBond, Eric; Riezman, Raymond G.; Wang, Ping
2020 The Rise (and Fall) of Tech ClustersKichko, Sergey; Liang, Wen-Jung; Mai, Chao-Cheng; Thisse, Jacques-Francois; Wang, Ping
2020 The Dynamics of Outsourcing: From Labor Cost-Saving to Preference-Based OutsourcingCheng, Wan-Jung; Riezman, Raymond G.; Wang, Ping
2020 Exploring the supply chain management of fair trade business: case study of a fair trade craft company in ChinaZhang, Kaifeng; Liu, Zheng; Wang, Ping