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2002When unemployment disappears: Ireland in the 1990sWalsh, Brendan
2003When Unemployment Disappears: Ireland in the 1990sWalsh, Brendan
2003How live is the live register? And other puzzles in the measurement of unemploymentWalsh, Brendan
2004The transformation of the Irish labour markets: 1980-2003Walsh, Brendan
2011Well-being and economic conditions in IrelandWalsh, Brendan
2012The influence of macroeconomic conditions and institutional quality on national levels of life satisfactionWalsh, Brendan
2019An analysis of the effects on Irish hospital care of the supply of care inside and outside the hospitalWalsh, Brendan; Wren, Maev-Ann; Smith, Samantha; Lyons, Sean; Eighan, James; Morgenroth, Edgar
2019Safeguarding amateur athletes: An examination of player welfare among senior inter-county Gaelic playersKelly, Elish; Keegan, Conor; Walsh, Brendan
2019Geographic profile of healthcare needs and non-acute healthcare supply in IrelandSmith, Samantha; Walsh, Brendan; Wren, Maev-Ann; Barron, Steve; Morgenroth, Edgar; Eighan, James; Lyons, Sean
2021Projections of expenditure for primary, community and long-term care in Ireland, 2019-2035, based on the Hippocrates modelWalsh, Brendan; Keegan, Conor; Brick, Aoife; Connolly, Sheelah; Bergin, Adele; Wren, Maev-Ann; Lyons, Sean; Hill, Leonie; Smith, Samantha
2021Demand for the statutory home care schemeWalsh, Brendan; Lyons, Sean
2022Occupations and healthWalsh, Brendan; Doorley, Karina