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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 The Family Gap in Pay: Evidence from Seven Industrialized CountriesHarkness, Susan; Waldfogel, Jane
2004 Family gaps in income: A cross-national comparisonSigle-Rushton, Wendy; Waldfogel, Jane
2006 Motherhood and women's earnings in Anglo-American, Continental European, and Nordic countriesSigle-Rushton, Wendy; Waldfogel, Jane
2007 Parental leave policies and parents' employment and leave-takingHan, Wen-Jui; Ruhm, Christopher J.; Waldfogel, Jane
2008 Welfare reforms and cild well-being in the US and UKWaldfogel, Jane
2009 Public policies and women's employment after childbearingHan, Wen-Jui; Ruhm, Christopher J.; Waldfogel, Jane; Washbrook, Elizabeth
2011 Long-term effects of early childhood care and educationRuhm, Christopher; Waldfogel, Jane
2011 The effects of California's paid family leave program on mothers' leave-taking and subsequent labor market outcomesRossin-Slater, Maya; Ruhm, Christopher J.; Waldfogel, Jane
2011 Time for children: Trends in the employment patterns of parents, 1967-2009Fox, Liana; Han, Wen-Jui; Ruhm, Christopher J.; Waldfogel, Jane
2011 Inequality during the early years: Child outcomes and readiness to learn in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and United StatesBradbury, Bruce; Corak, Miles; Waldfogel, Jane; Washbrook, Elizabeth
2015 Paid Family Leave, Fathers' Leave-Taking, and Leave-Sharing in Dual-Earner HouseholdsBartel, Ann P.; Rossin-Slater, Maya; Ruhm, Christopher J.; Stearns, Jenna; Waldfogel, Jane
2015 The role of preschool in reducing inequalityWaldfogel, Jane