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2000 Vergleichende Analyse alternativer KreditrisikomodelleWahrenburg, Mark; Niethen, Susanne
2002 Die Vertragsbeziehungen zwischen Investoren und Venture Capital-Fonds: Eine empirische Untersuchung des europäischen Venture Capital-MarktesFeinendegen, Stefan; Schmidt, Daniel; Wahrenburg, Mark
2003 Evaluating internal credit rating systems depending on bank sizeFrerichs, Hergen; Wahrenburg, Mark
2003 Contractual relations between European VC-funds and investors: The impact of reputation and bargaining power on contractual designSchmidt, Daniel; Wahrenburg, Mark
2003 Mergers and acquisitions in Germany: Social-setting and regulatory frameworkSchmid, Frank A.; Wahrenburg, Mark
2005 The Adjustment of Credit Ratings of Defaulted IssuersGüttler, André; Wahrenburg, Mark
2015 Fragmentation in the european retail deposit market and implications for loan availability in european member statesWahrenburg, Mark; Kaffenberger, Bijan
2016 Banks' internal rating models - time for a change? The "system of floors" as proposed by the Basel committeeHaselmann, Rainer; Wahrenburg, Mark
2017 Provisioning policies for non-performing loans: How to best ensure a "clean balance sheet"?Wahrenburg, Mark
2018 How demanding and consistent is the 2018 stress test design in comparison to previous exercises? Banking union scrutinyHaselmann, Rainer; Wahrenburg, Mark
2019 The next SSM term: Supervisory challenges aheadGötz, Martin; Tröger, Tobias; Wahrenburg, Mark
2019 Evaluierung gesamt- und finanzwirtschaftlicher Effekte der Reformen europäischer Finanzmarktregulierung im deutschen Finanzsektor seit der Finanzkrise: Zusammenfassung der wichtigsten ErgebnisseHaselmann, Rainer; Krahnen, Jan Pieter; Wahrenburg, Mark
2019 What are the main factors for the subdued profitability of significant banks in the Banking Union, and is the ECB's supervisory response conclusive and exhaustive? A critical assessment of the 2018 SSM report on bank profitability and business modelsFarina, Tatiana; Krahnen, Jan Pieter; Pelizzon, Loriana; Wahrenburg, Mark
2021 Non-performing loans - new risks and policies? NPL resolution after COVID-19: Main differences to previous crisesKasinger, Johannes; Krahnen, Jan Pieter; Ongena, Steven; Pelizzon, Loriana; Schmeling, Maik; Wahrenburg, Mark
2022 Institutional protection schemes: What are their differences, strengths, weaknesses, and track records?Haselmann, Rainer; Krahnen, Jan Pieter; Tröger, Tobias; Wahrenburg, Mark