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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1985 Incentives for information acquisitionWahl, Jack E.; Tschoegl, Adrian E.
1988 Informational segmentation in international capital marketsWahl, Jack E.
1988 An information paradox with HARA preferencesWahl, Jack E.
1990 The effect of forward markets and currency options on international tradeBroll, Udo; Wahl, Jack E.
1991 International investments and exchange rate riskBroll, Udo; Wahl, Jack E.
1991 Hedging with synthetical forwards and the export decisionBroll, Udo; Wahl, Jack E.
1991 Hedging export revenue risk using futures and optionsBroll, Udo; Wahl, Jack E.
1995 Missing risk sharing markets and the benefits of cross hedging in developing countriesBroll, Udo; Wahl, Jack E.
1997 Constant relative risk aversion and form equivalence classesBattermann, Harald L.; Broll, Udo; Wahl, Jack E.
2003 Value at risk, bank equity and credit riskBroll, Udo; Wahl, Jack E.
2003 Information, unternehmensinterne Kommunikation und RisikopolitikBroll, Udo; Gilroy, B. Michael; Wahl, Jack E.
2006 Utility Functions of Equivalent Form and the Effect of Parameter Changes on Optimum Decision MakingBroll, Udo; Battermann, Harald L.; Wahl, Jack E.
2006 Optimale Fakturierung im AußenhandelFuchs, Frank; Broll, Udo; Wahl, Jack E.
2006 Value at risk, Equity and DiversificationBroll, Udo; Wahl, Jack E.
2006 Bankmanagement mit Value at RiskBroll, Udo; Wahl, Jack E.
2007 Barriers to Diversification and Regional Allocation of CapitalBroll, Udo; Roldán-Ponce, Antonio; Wahl, Jack E.
2007 Differential Taxation and Corporate Futures-HedgingWahl, Jack E.; Broll, Udo
2007 Fakturierung im AußenhandelBroll, Udo; Fuchs, Frank; Wahl, Jack E.
2008 Export production, hedging exchange rate risk: the duopoly caseBroll, Udo; Wahl, Jack E.; Wessel, Christoph
2009 Mitigation of foreign Direct investment risk and hedgingWahl, Jack E.; Broll, Udo