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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Capital and goods market integration and the inequality of nationsWagner, Martin
1999 Bierens' and Johansen's method: Complements or substitutes?Wagner, Martin
1999 VAR cointegration in VARMA modelsWagner, Martin
2005 The Balassa-Samuelson effect in 'East & West': Differences and similaritiesWagner, Martin
2005 On PPP, unit roots and panelsWagner, Martin
2005 Autoregressive approximations of multiple frequency I(1) processesBauer, Dietmar; Wagner, Martin
2005 On Aghion's and Blanchard's On the speed of transition in Central EuropeNævdal, Eric; Wagner, Martin
2006 The Carbon Kuznets Curve: A cloudy picture emitted by bad econometrics?Wagner, Martin
2006 Exploring the environmental Kuznets hypothesis: Theoretical and econometric problemsMüller-Fürstenberger, Georg; Wagner, Martin
2007 The performance of panel cointegration methods: Results from a large scale simulation studyWagner, Martin; Hlouskova, Jaroslava
2008 Nonlinear cointegration analysis and the environmental Kuznets curveHong, Seung Hyun; Wagner, Martin
2008 Catching growth determinants with the adaptive LASSOSchneider, Ulrike; Wagner, Martin
2009 Finite sample correction factors for panel cointegration testsHlouskova, Jaroslava; Wagner, Martin
2009 Catching Growth Determinants with the Adaptive LassoSchneider, Ulrike; Wagner, Martin
2009 Growth regressions, principal components and frequentist model averagingWagner, Martin; Hlouskova, Jaroslava
2010 Cointegration analysis with state space modelsWagner, Martin
2011 A fixed-b perspective on the Phillips-Perron unit root testsVogelsang, Timothy J.; Wagner, Martin
2011 Cointegrating polynomial regressions: Fully modified OLS estimation and inferenceHong, Seung Hyun; Wagner, Martin
2011 Integrated modified OLS estimation and fixed-b inference for cointegrating regressionsVogelsang, Timothy J.; Wagner, Martin
2011 Nonparametric rank tests for non-stationary panelsPedroni, Peter; Vogelsang, Timothy J.; Wagner, Martin; Westerlund, Joakim