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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Who are Europe's efficient bankers?Wagenvoort, Rien; Schure, Paul
1999 European banking after EMU: Editors' introductionHurst, Christopher; Wagenvoort, Rien
1999 The recursive thick frontier approach to estimating efficiencyWagenvoort, Rien; Schure, Paul
1999 Economies of scale and efficiency in European banking: new evidenceSchure, Paul; Wagenvoort, Rien
1999 How well do European loan markets work? Some insights from the financial structure of SMEs in three countriesWagenvoort, Rien; Hurst, Christopher
2000 Some empirical findings on the characteristics of cost-efficient credit institutionsO'Brien, Dermot; Wagenvoort, Rien
2002 Editor's introductionRiess, Armin; Wagenvoort, Rien
2002 Practice makes perfect: a review of banking in Central and Eastern EuropeRiess, Armin; Wagenvoort, Rien; Zajc, Peter
2003 SME finance in Europe: introduction and overviewWagenvoort, Rien
2003 Are finance constraints hindering the growth of SMEs in Europe?Wagenvoort, Rien
2003 Bank survey evidence on 'bank lending to SMEs in the European Union'Wagenvoort, Rien
2006 Comparing distributions: the harmonic mass index: extension to m samplesWagenvoort, Rien
2006 Does the hedge fund industry deliver alpha?Wagenvoort, Rien
2008 A K-sample Homogeneity Test based on the Quantification of the p-p PlotHinloopen, Jeroen; Wagenvoort, Rien; van Marrewijk, Charles
2009 A factor analysis approch to measuring European loan and bond market integrationWagenvoort, Rien; Ebner, André; Morgese Borys, Magdalena
2009 A factor analysis approach to measuring European loan and bond market integrationWagenvoort, Rien; Ebner, André; Morgese Borys, Magdalena
2010 Infrastructure finance in Europe: Composition, evolution and crisis impactWagenvoort, Rien; de Nicola, Carlo; Kappeler, Andreas
2010 Uncovering the common risk free rate in the European Monetary UnionWagenvoort, Rien; Zwart, Sanne
2010 Identifying All Distinct Sample P-P Plots, with an Application to the Exact Finite Sample Distribution of the L1-FCvM Test StatisticHinloopen, Jeroen; Wagenvoort, Rien
2011 Financing infrastructure: A review of the 2010 EIB Conference in Economics and FinanceUppenberg, Kristian; Strauss, Hubert; Wagenvoort, Rien