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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Who are Europe's efficient bankers?Wagenvoort, Rien; Schure, Paul
1999 European banking after EMU: Editors' introductionHurst, Christopher; Wagenvoort, Rien
1999 Economies of scale and efficiency in European banking: new evidenceSchure, Paul; Wagenvoort, Rien
1999 How well do European loan markets work? Some insights from the financial structure of SMEs in three countriesWagenvoort, Rien; Hurst, Christopher
1999 The recursive thick frontier approach to estimating efficiencyWagenvoort, Rien; Schure, Paul
2000 Some empirical findings on the characteristics of cost-efficient credit institutionsO'Brien, Dermot; Wagenvoort, Rien
2002 Editor's introductionRiess, Armin; Wagenvoort, Rien
2002 Practice makes perfect: a review of banking in Central and Eastern EuropeRiess, Armin; Wagenvoort, Rien; Zajc, Peter
2003 Are finance constraints hindering the growth of SMEs in Europe?Wagenvoort, Rien
2003 SME finance in Europe: introduction and overviewWagenvoort, Rien
2003 Bank survey evidence on 'bank lending to SMEs in the European Union'Wagenvoort, Rien
2006 Comparing distributions: the harmonic mass index: extension to m samplesWagenvoort, Rien
2006 Does the hedge fund industry deliver alpha?Wagenvoort, Rien
2008 A K-sample Homogeneity Test based on the Quantification of the p-p PlotHinloopen, Jeroen; Wagenvoort, Rien; van Marrewijk, Charles
2009 A factor analysis approach to measuring European loan and bond market integrationWagenvoort, Rien; Ebner, André; Morgese Borys, Magdalena
2009 A factor analysis approch to measuring European loan and bond market integrationWagenvoort, Rien; Ebner, André; Morgese Borys, Magdalena
2010 Identifying All Distinct Sample P-P Plots, with an Application to the Exact Finite Sample Distribution of the L1-FCvM Test StatisticHinloopen, Jeroen; Wagenvoort, Rien
2010 Uncovering the common risk free rate in the European Monetary UnionWagenvoort, Rien; Zwart, Sanne
2010 Infrastructure finance in Europe: Composition, evolution and crisis impactWagenvoort, Rien; de Nicola, Carlo; Kappeler, Andreas
2011 Financing infrastructure: A review of the 2010 EIB Conference in Economics and FinanceUppenberg, Kristian; Strauss, Hubert; Wagenvoort, Rien