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2003Intervention Time Series Analysis of Crime RatesSridharan, Sanjeev; Vujic, Suncica; Koopman, Siem Jan
2012Structural Intervention Time Series Analysis of Crime Rates: The Impact of Sentence Reform in VirginiaVujic, Suncica; Commandeur, Jacques; Koopman, Siem Jan
2014Temporal, Spatial, Economic and Crime Factors in Illicit Drug Usage across European CitiesCommandeur, Jacques J.F.; Vujic, Suncica; Koopman, Siem Jan; Kasprzyk-Hordern, Barbara
2018Does Migration Motive Matter for Migrants' Employment Outcomes? The Case of BelgiumLens, Dries; Marx, Ive; Vujic, Suncica
2018Smartphone Use and Academic Performance: Correlation or Causal Relationship?Baert, Stijn; Vujic, Suncica; Amez, Simon; Claeskens, Matteo; Daman, Thomas; Maeckelberghe, Arno; Omey, Eddy; De Marez, Lieven
2018Is Quick Formal Access to the Labor Market Enough? Refugees' Labor Market Integration in BelgiumLens, Dries; Marx, Ive; Vujic, Suncica
2019Smartphone Use and Academic Performance: First Evidence from Longitudinal DataAmez, Simon; Vujic, Suncica; De Marez, Lieven; Baert, Stijn
2020Love Thy Neighbour? Brexit and Hate CrimeCarr, Joel; Clifton-Sprigg, Joanna; James, Jonathan; Vujic, Suncica
2021Deteriorated Sleep Quality Does Not Explain the Negative Impact of Smartphone Use on Academic PerformanceAmez, Simon; Vujic, Suncica; Abrath, Margo; Baert, Stijn
2021Operation Allied Force: Unintended Consequences of the NATO Bombing on Children's OutcomesLebedinski, Lara; Migali, Giuseppe; Popović, Miloš; Vujic, Suncica
2022Characterizing the Schooling CycleSadaba, Barbara; Vujic, Suncica; Maier, Sofia
2022Hate in the Time of COVID-19: Racial Crimes against East AsiansCarr, Joel; James, Jonathan; Clifton-Sprigg, Joanna; Vujic, Suncica
2023A Bad Break-up? Assessing the Effects of the 2016 Brexit Referendum on MigrationClifton-Sprigg, Joanna; Homburg, Ines; James, Jonathan; Vujic, Suncica
2024Household Decisions and the Gender Gap in Job SatisfactionBredemeier, Christian; Ndlovu, Patrick; Vujic, Suncica; Winkler, Roland