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2003 Economic integration and manufacturing concentration patterns: Evidence from MercosurTraistaru, Iulia; Volpe Martincus, Christian
2004 Do economic integration and fiscal competition help to explain location patterns?Volpe Martincus, Christian
2004 Economic integration and location of manufacturing activities: Evidence from MERCOSURSanguinetti, Pablo; Traistaru, Iulia; Volpe Martincus, Christian
2005 Economic integration in a multicone world?Volpe Martincus, Christian; Pédussel Wu, Jennifer
2007 Horizontal and Vertical Tax Externalities in a Multicountry WorldCrivelli, Ernesto; Volpe Martincus, Christian
2009 Complements or Substitutes? Preferential and Multilateral Trade Liberalization at the Sectoral LevelAndo, Mitsuyo; Estevadeordal, Antoni; Volpe Martincus, Christian
2009 Survival of new exporters in developing countries: Does it matter how they diversify?Volpe Martincus, Christian; Carballo, Jerónimo
2009 Complements or substitutes? Preferential and multilateral trade liberalization at the sectoral levelEstevadeordal, Antoni; Volpe Martincus, Christian; Ando, Mitsuyo
2009 Trade policy and export diversification: What should Colombia expect from the FTA with the United StatesVolpe Martincus, Christian; Gómez, Sandra Milena
2009 Trade policy and specializationEstevadeordal, Antoni; Volpe Martincus, Christian
2010 Export promotion organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean: An institutional portraitJordana, Jacint; Volpe Martincus, Christian; Gallo, Andrés
2010 The impact of export promotion institutions on trade: Is it the intensive or the extensive margin?Volpe Martincus, Christian; Carballo, Jerónimo; Gallo, Andrés
2012 Shaky roads and trembling exports: Assessing the trade effects of domestic infrastructure using a natural experimentVolpe Martincus, Christian; Blyde, Juan
2016 Posts as Trade FacilitatorsCarballo, Jerónimo; Schaur, Georg; Volpe Martincus, Christian
2016 Endogenous Border TimesCarballo, Jerónimo; Graziano, Alejandro; Schaur, Georg; Volpe Martincus, Christian
2016 Transit TradeCarballo, Jerónimo; Schaur, Georg; Graziano, Alejandro; Volpe Martincus, Christian
2016 The Border Labyrinth: Information Technologies and Trade in the Presence of Multiple AgenciesCarballo, Jerónimo; Graziano, Alejandro; Schaur, Georg; Volpe Martincus, Christian
2016 CustomsVolpe Martincus, Christian; Carballo, Jerónimo; Graziano, Alejandro
2016 Trust No One? Security and International TradeCarballo, Jerónimo; Schaur, Georg; Volpe Martincus, Christian
2016 Did export promotion help firms weather the crisis?Van Biesebroeck, Johannes; Konings, Jozef; Volpe Martincus, Christian