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1995 German banks and the modernization of the small firm sector: long-term finance in comparative perspectiveVitols, Sigurt
1995 Corporate governance versus economic governance: banks and industrial restructuring in the US and GermanyVitols, Sigurt
1995 Inflation versus central bank independence? Banking regulation and financial stability in the US and GermanyVitols, Sigurt
1995 Financial systems and industrial policy in Germany and Great Britain: the limits of convergenceVitols, Sigurt
1996 German industrial policy: An overviewVitols, Sigurt
2001 The origins of bank-based and market-based financial systems: Germany, Japan, and the United StatesVitols, Sigurt
2003 Negotiated shareholder value: The German version of an Anglo-American practiceVitols, Sigurt
2004 Changes in Germany's bank-based financial system: A varieties of capitalism perspectiveVitols, Sigurt
2005 National institutions and high tech industries: A varieties of capitalism perspective on the failure of Germany's Neuer MarktVitols, Sigurt; Engelhardt, Lutz
2009 Beteiligung der Arbeitnehmervertreter in Aufsichtsratsausschüssen: Auswirkungen auf Unternehmensperformanz und VorstandsvergütungVitols, Sigurt
2016 Der Mitbestimmungsindex MB-ixScholz, Robert; Vitols, Sigurt
2018 Der MB-IX in börsennotierten Unternehmen: Verankerung der Mitbestimmung im letzten JahrzehntScholz, Robert; Vitols, Sigurt
2018 Co-determination: A driving force for corporate social responsibility in German companies?Scholz, Robert; Vitols, Sigurt