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2011 Lies and biased evaluation: A real-effort experimentRosaz, Julie; Villeval, Marie Claire
2011 Tax evasion, welfare fraud, and "the broken windows" effect: An experiment in Belgium, France and the NetherlandsLefèbvre, Mathieu; Pestieau, Pierre; Riedl, Arno; Villeval, Marie Claire
2011 Emotions, sanctions and cooperationJoffily, Mateus; Masclet, David; Noussair, Charles N.; Villeval, Marie Claire
2011 Do women prefer a co-operative work environment?Kuhn, Peter J.; Villeval, Marie Claire
2012 Ingratiation and favoritism: Experimental evidenceRobin, Stéphane; Rusinowska, Agnieszka; Villeval, Marie Claire
2012 Quitting and peer effects at workRosaz, Julie; Slonim, Robert; Villeval, Marie Claire
2012 Moral hypocrisy, power and social preferencesRustichini, Aldo; Villeval, Marie Claire
2012 Aging and attitudes towards strategic uncertainty and competition: An artefactual field experiment in a Swiss bankMadies, Thierry; Villeval, Marie Claire; Wasmer, Malgorzata
2013 Social Preferences and Lying Aversion in ChildrenMaggian, Valeria; Villeval, Marie Claire
2014 Self Control and Intertemporal Choice: Evidence from Glucose and Depletion InterventionsKuhn, Michael A.; Kuhn, Peter; Villeval, Marie Claire
2014 Dishonesty under Scrutinyvan de Ven, Jeroen; Villeval, Marie Claire
2014 Norm Enforcement in Social Dilemmas: An Experiment with Police CommissionersDickinson, David; Masclet, David; Villeval, Marie Claire
2014 A Field Study of Chinese Migrant Workers' Attitudes toward Risks, Strategic Uncertainty, and CompetitivenessHao, Li; Houser, Daniel; Mao, Lei; Villeval, Marie Claire
2014 Are Teams Less Inequality Averse than Individuals?He, Haoran; Villeval, Marie Claire
2014 Ambiguity on Audits and Cooperation in a Public Goods GameDai, Zhixin; Hogarth, Robin M.; Villeval, Marie Claire
2015 Saving Face and Group IdentityEriksson, Tor; Mao, Lei; Villeval, Marie Claire
2015 Communication and Coordination in a Two-Stage GameBjedov, Tjaša; Madiès, Thierry; Villeval, Marie Claire
2015 Equality Concerns and the Limits of Self-Governance in Heterogeneous PopulationsGangadharan, Lata; Nikiforakis, Nikos; Villeval, Marie Claire
2016 Loss Aversion and Lying Behavior: Theory, Estimation and Empirical EvidenceGarbarino, Ellen; Slonim, Robert; Villeval, Marie Claire
2016 Doing Your Best When Stakes Are High? Theory and Experimental EvidenceHouy, Nicolas; Nicolaï, Jean-Philippe; Villeval, Marie Claire