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1998 Road Accidents and Traffic Flows: An Econometric InvestigationDickerson, Andrew; Peirson, John; Vickerman, Roger
1998 Sustainable mobility in Europe: Problems in defining and implementing an operational measureVickerman, Roger
2002 Immigration, labour mobility and EU enlargementPiracha, Matloob; Vickerman, Roger
2002 Economic issues in a community immigration policy: the regional dimensionVickerman, Roger
2002 Cross-border activity in the Kent - Nord-Pas de Calais - Belgium Euroregion: some comparative evidence on the location and recruitment decisions of internationally mobile firmsCollier, William; Vickerman, Roger
2003 Transport in an Integrating Europe: Sustainable Development and CohesionVickerman, Roger
2003 The Regional Effects of Experience with the Private Finance of Transport Infrastructure: Some Evidence from the UKVickerman, Roger
2004 Ex post analysis of the regional impacts of major infrastructure: the Channel Tunnel 10 years onVickerman, Roger; Hay, Alan; Meredith, Kate
2004 Conflicts between transport policies and spatial development policies: perspectives on regional cohesion in the European UnionVickerman, Roger
2005 The interplay between foreign direct investment, security and European integration: The case of the Central and Eastern European countriesStoian, Carmen Raluca; Vickerman, Roger
2010 Transport pricing and public-private partnershipsEvenhuis, Emil; Vickerman, Roger