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1999Regulation of Renewable Resources in Federal Systems: The Case of Fishery in th EUJensen, Frank; Vestergaard, Niels
2000Moral Hazard Problems in Fisheries Regulation: The Case og Illegal LandingsJensen, Frank; Vestergaard, Niels
2002Technical Efficiency of the Danish Trawl fleet: Are the Industrial Vessels Better than Others?Vestergaard, Niels; Squires, Dale; Jensen, Frank; Andersen, Jesper L.
2004Ratcheting in Renewable Resources ContractingBrandt, Urs Steiner; Jensen, Frank; Hansen, Lars Gårn; Vestergaard, Niels
2004Fisheries Management with Multiple Market FailuresJensen, Frank; Vestergaard, Niels
2005Actual versus Optimal Fisheries Policies: An Evaluation of the Cod Fishing Policies of Denmark, Iceland and NorwayArnason, Ragnar; Sandal, Leif K.; Steinshamn, Stein Ivar; Vestergaard, Niels
2010Cost-benefit analysis of the Greenland offshore shrimp fisheryVestergaard, Niels; Stoyanova, Kristiana A.; Wagner, Claas
2010Incentives for Optimal Management of Age-structured Fish PopulationsQuaas, Martin; Requate, Till; Ruckes, Kirsten; Skonhoft, Anders; Vestergaard, Niels
2011Assessing risk and uncertainty in fisheries rebuilding plansBrandt, Urs Steiner; Vestergaard, Niels
2015An indicator for ecosystem externalities in fishingRavn-Jonsen, Lars; Andersen, Ken H.; Vestergaard, Niels
2015Alternate solutions in mixing energy tax/subsidy and emission control policiesHeydari, Shahriar Shah; Vestergaard, Niels
2015An indicator for ecosystem externalities in fishing: Supporting materialRavn-Jonsen, Lars; Andersen, Ken H.; Vestergaard, Niels