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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1992 Incomplete exchange rate pass-through and hysteresis in trade: A survey of recent theories and an empirical study of export pricing of Finnish paper manufacturiesVesala, Jukka
1994 Finnish deposit banks 1980-1993: years of rapid growth and crisisKoskenkylä, Heikki; Vesala, Jukka
1995 Testing for competition in banking: Behavioral evidence from FinlandVesala, Jukka
1998 On the problems of the home country controlMayes, David; Vesala, Jukka
1998 Technological transformation and nonbank competition in a model of retail banking oligopolyVesala, Jukka
1998 Delivery networks and pricing behaviour in banking: An empirical investigation using Finnish dataVesala, Jukka
1999 Forecasting the electronification of payments with learning curves: The case of FinlandSnellman, Jussi; Vesala, Jukka
2000 Substitution on noncash payment instruments for cash in EuropeSnellman, Jussi; Vesala, Jukka; Humphrey, David
2000 Technological transformation and retail banking competition: Implications and measurementVesala, Jukka
2001 Deposit insurance and moral hazard: does the counterfactual matter?Gropp, Reint E.; Vesala, Jukka
2002 Equity and bond market signals as leading indicators of bank fragilityGropp, Reint E.; Vesala, Jukka; Vulpes, Giuseppe
2002 Banking integration in the euro areaCabral, Inês; Dierick, Frank; Vesala, Jukka
2004 Deposit insurance, moral hazard and market monitoringGropp, Reint E.; Vesala, Jukka
2005 Analysing banking sector conditions - how to use macro-prudential indicatorsMörttinen, Leena; Poloni, Paolo; Sandars, Patrick; Vesala, Jukka
2006 Cross-border bank contagion in EuropeGropp, Reint E.; Lo Duca, Marco; Vesala, Jukka
2007 Cross-Border Bank Contagion in EuropeGropp, Reint E.; Lo Duca, Marco; Vesala, Jukka
2010 The Quest for Stability: The Financial Stability ViewBrouwer, Henk J.; Schoenmaker, Dirk; Vesala, Jukka; Brink, Nicola; Kock, Michael
2014 Banking After Regulatory Reforms - Business as Usual?Quintana, Javier Arribas; Levin, Mattias; Soares, Elleonora; Vesala, Jukka; Blinder, Alan S.; Liikanen, Erkki; Tucker, Paul