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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 Household Coping in war- and peacetime: cattle sales in Rwanda, 1991-2001Verpoorten, Marijke
2010 Detecting Hidden Violence: The Spatial Distribution of Excess Mortality in RwandaVerpoorten, Marijke
2010 The intensity of the Rwandan genocide: Fine measures from the gacaca recordsVerpoorten, Marijke
2011 Leave None to Claim the Land. A Malthusian Catastrophe in Rwanda?Verpoorten, Marijke
2011 From vice to virtue? Civil war and social capital in UgandaDe Luca, Giacomo; Verpoorten, Marijke
2011 Measure for Measure: How Well Do We Measure Micro-Level Conflict Intensity?Verpoorten, Marijke
2012 The impact of armed conflict on economic performance: Evidence from RwandaSerneels, Pieter; Verpoorten, Marijke
2012 Self-Reported Food Insecurity in Africa During the Food Price CrisisVerpoorten, Marijke; Arora, Abhimanyu; Swinnen, Johan F. M.
2013 To fish or not to fish? Resource Degradation and Income Diversification in BeninStoop, Nik; Houssa, Romain; Verpoorten, Marijke
2013 Armed conflict and schooling in Rwanda: Digging deeperGuariso, Andrea; Verpoorten, Marijke
2014 Growth, poverty and inequality in Rwanda: A broad perspectiveVerpoorten, Marijke
2015 Voodoo versus fishing committees: The role of traditional and contemporary institutions in fisheries managementAlonso, Elena Briones; Houssa, Romain; Verpoorten, Marijke
2015 Voodoo versus Fishing Committees: The Role of Traditional and Contemporary Institutions in Fischeries ManagementAlonso, Elena Briones; Houssa, Romain; Verpoorten, Marijke
2017 Female political representation in the aftermath of ethnic violence: A comparative analysis of Burundi and RwandaGuariso, Andrea; Ingelaere, Bert; Verpoorten, Marijke
2017 Voodoo, vaccines and bed netsStoop, Nik; Verpoorten, Marijke; Deconinck, Koen