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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997 Congestion caused by Speed DifferencesVerhoef, Erik; Rouwendal, Jan; Rietveld, Piet
1997 Time-Varying Tolls in a Dynamic Model of Road Traffic Congestion with Elastic DemandVerhoef, Erik
1997 Time, Speeds, Flows and Densities in Static Models of Road Traffic Congestion and Congestion PricingVerhoef, Erik
1997 The Adoption of Energy Efficiency Enhancing TechnologiesVerhoef, Erik; Nijkamp, Peter
1998 The Economic Effects of Road Pricing in the Randstad AreaVerhoef, Erik; Lijesen, Mark
2001 Modelling Externalities between Ecological and Economic SystemsWang, Shunli; Nijkamp, Peter; Verhoef, Erik
2001 Urban Sustainability, Agglomeration Forces and the Technological Deus ex MachinaVerhoef, Erik; Nijkamp, Peter; Daniel, Joe
2002 Transport Investment Appraisal and the EnvironmentNijkamp, Peter; Ubbels, Barry; Verhoef, Erik
2003 The Economics of Airport Congestion PricingPels, Eric; Verhoef, Erik
2004 Auctioning Concessions for Private RoadsUbbels, Barry; Verhoef, Erik
2004 Transport Infrastructure, Spatial General Equilibrium and WelfareMelendez-Hidalgo, Jose Carlos; Rietveld, Piet; Verhoef, Erik
2004 Second-best Congestion Pricing Schemes in the Monocentric CityVerhoef, Erik
2006 Governmental Competition in Road Charging and Capacity ChoiceUbbels, Barry; Verhoef, Erik
2007 Value of Time by Time of Day: A Stated-Preference StudyTseng, Yin-yen; Verhoef, Erik
2008 The Information Content of a Stated Choice ExperimentRouwendal, Jan; de Blaeij, Arianne; Rietveld, Piet; Verhoef, Erik
2009 A pilot study into the perception of unreliability of travel times using in-depth interviewsTseng, Yin-yen; Verhoef, Erik; de Jong, Gerard; Kouwenhoven, Marco; van der Hoorn, Toon
2010 The increasing role of water management in the Dutch planning systemBruinsma, Frank; Rietveld, Piet; Verhoef, Erik
2011 Long-Run vs. Short-Run Perspectives on Consumer Scheduling: Evidence from a Revealed-Preference Experiment among Peak-Hour Road CommutersPeer, Stefanie; Verhoef, Erik; Knockaert, Jasper; Koster, Paul; Tseng, Yin-Yen
2011 Door-to-Door Travel Times in RP Departure Time Choice Models: An Approximation Method based on GPSPeer, Stefanie; Knockaert, Jasper; Koster, Paul; Tseng, Yin-Yen; Verhoef, Erik
2012 Deterministic versus Random Utility: Implied Patterns of Vertical Product Differentiation in a Multi-Product MonopolyBehrens, Christiaan; Lijesen, Mark; Pels, Eric; Verhoef, Erik