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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997The Adoption of Energy Efficiency Enhancing TechnologiesVerhoef, Erik; Nijkamp, Peter
1997Congestion caused by Speed DifferencesVerhoef, Erik; Rouwendal, Jan; Rietveld, Piet
1997Time, Speeds, Flows and Densities in Static Models of Road Traffic Congestion and Congestion PricingVerhoef, Erik
1997Time-Varying Tolls in a Dynamic Model of Road Traffic Congestion with Elastic DemandVerhoef, Erik
1998The Economic Effects of Road Pricing in the Randstad AreaVerhoef, Erik; Lijesen, Mark
2001Urban Sustainability, Agglomeration Forces and the Technological Deus ex MachinaVerhoef, Erik; Nijkamp, Peter; Daniel, Joe
2001Modelling Externalities between Ecological and Economic SystemsWang, Shunli; Nijkamp, Peter; Verhoef, Erik
2002Transport Investment Appraisal and the EnvironmentNijkamp, Peter; Ubbels, Barry; Verhoef, Erik
2003The Economics of Airport Congestion PricingPels, Eric; Verhoef, Erik
2004Auctioning Concessions for Private RoadsUbbels, Barry; Verhoef, Erik
2004Transport Infrastructure, Spatial General Equilibrium and WelfareMelendez-Hidalgo, Jose Carlos; Rietveld, Piet; Verhoef, Erik
2004Second-best Congestion Pricing Schemes in the Monocentric CityVerhoef, Erik
2006Governmental Competition in Road Charging and Capacity ChoiceUbbels, Barry; Verhoef, Erik
2007Value of Time by Time of Day: A Stated-Preference StudyTseng, Yin-yen; Verhoef, Erik
2008The Information Content of a Stated Choice ExperimentRouwendal, Jan; de Blaeij, Arianne; Rietveld, Piet; Verhoef, Erik
2009A pilot study into the perception of unreliability of travel times using in-depth interviewsTseng, Yin-yen; Verhoef, Erik; de Jong, Gerard; Kouwenhoven, Marco; van der Hoorn, Toon
2011Door-to-Door Travel Times in RP Departure Time Choice Models: An Approximation Method based on GPSPeer, Stefanie; Knockaert, Jasper; Koster, Paul; Tseng, Yin-Yen; Verhoef, Erik
2011Long-Run vs. Short-Run Perspectives on Consumer Scheduling: Evidence from a Revealed-Preference Experiment among Peak-Hour Road CommutersPeer, Stefanie; Verhoef, Erik; Knockaert, Jasper; Koster, Paul; Tseng, Yin-Yen
2012Deterministic versus Random Utility: Implied Patterns of Vertical Product Differentiation in a Multi-Product MonopolyBehrens, Christiaan; Lijesen, Mark; Pels, Eric; Verhoef, Erik
2013The User Costs of Air Travel Delay VariabilityKoster, Paul; Pels, Eric; Verhoef, Erik