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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Main drivers of the ECB financial accounts and ECB financial strength over the first 11 yearsVergote, Olivier; Studener, Werner; Efthymiadis, Ioannis; Merriman, Niall
2011 Interest rate expectations and uncertainty during ECB governing council days: evidence from intraday implied densities of 3-month EuriborVergote, Olivier; Puigvert Gutiérrez, Josep Maria
2014 A high frequency assessment of the ECB securities markets programmeGhysels, Eric; Idier, Julien; Manganelli, Simone; Vergote, Olivier
2016 Credit risk spillover between financials and sovereigns in the euro area during 2007-2015Vergote, Olivier
2017 The distribution of excess liquidity in the euro areaBaldo, Luca; Hallinger, Benoît; Helmus, Caspar; Herrala, Niko; Martins, Débora; Mohing, Felix; Petroulakis, Filippos; Resinek, Marc; Vergote, Olivier; Usciati, Benoît; Wang, Yizhou
2017 The use of the Eurosystem's monetary policy instruments and operational framework since 2012Alvarez, Inmaculada; Casavecchia, Fabio; De Luca, Marino; Duering, Alexander; Eser, Fabian; Helmus, Caspar; Hemous, Christophe; Herrala, Niko; Jakovicka, Julija; Lo Russo, Michelina; Pasqualone, Filippo; Rubens, Marc; Soares, Rita; Zennaro, Fabrizio; Amaladasse, Beatrice; Deanaz, Geneviève; Hallinger, Benoit; Hilebrand, William; Kamps, Annette; Kedan, Danielle; Kilp, Judith; Koch, Evi; König, Louisa; Pauli, Rolf; Reijnders, Dion; Resinek, Marc; Treinies, Martin; Vergote, Olivier
2017 The transmission channels of monetary, macro- and microprudential policies and their interrelationsBeyer, Andreas; Nicoletti, Giulio; Papadopoulou, Niki; Papsdorf, Patrick; Rünstler, Gerhard; Schwarz, Claudia; Sousa, João; Vergote, Olivier
2020 Who takes the ECB's targeted funding?Sugo, Tomohiro; Vergote, Olivier