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2009Mobile network interconnection and investmentsVeith, Tobias
2010Supply and demand for telecommunication infrastructureVeith, Tobias
2010Der Einfluss öffentlichen Eigentums auf die Preissetzung in deutschen HaushaltsstrommärktenNikogosian, Vigen; Veith, Tobias
2010Mobile Network Interconnection and InvestmentsVeith, Tobias
2010European telecommunication regulation: Effects on telecommunication providersVeith, Tobias
2010The national regulatory structure against the background of the European regulatory systemVeith, Tobias
2011Vertical integration, separation and non-price discrimination: An empirical analysis of German electricity markets for residential customersNikogosian, Vigen; Veith, Tobias
2011The impact of cartelization on pricing dynamics: Evidence from the German cement industryHüschelrath, Kai; Veith, Tobias
2011The effect of broadband infrastructure on entrepreneurial activities: The case of GermanyHeger, Diana; Rinawi, Miriam; Veith, Tobias
2011Cartel detection in procurement marketsHüschelrath, Kai; Veith, Tobias
2011Strategic pricing, market entry and competition: Evidence from German electricity submarketsNikogosian, Vigen; Veith, Tobias
2012Estimating damages from price-fixing: The value of transaction dataHüschelrath, Kai; Müller, Kathrin; Veith, Tobias
2012Concrete shoes for competition: The effect of the German cement cartel on market priceHüschelrath, Kai; Müller, Kathrin; Veith, Tobias
2014Time is money - how much money is time? Interest and inflation in competition law actions for damagesBueren, Eckart; Hüschelrath, Kai; Veith, Tobias