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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Mobile network interconnection and investmentsVeith, Tobias
2010 The national regulatory structure against the background of the European regulatory systemVeith, Tobias
2010 Der Einfluss öffentlichen Eigentums auf die Preissetzung in deutschen HaushaltsstrommärktenNikogosian, Vigen; Veith, Tobias
2010 European telecommunication regulation: Effects on telecommunication providersVeith, Tobias
2010 Supply and demand for telecommunication infrastructureVeith, Tobias
2010 Mobile Network Interconnection and InvestmentsVeith, Tobias
2011 The effect of broadband infrastructure on entrepreneurial activities: The case of GermanyHeger, Diana; Rinawi, Miriam; Veith, Tobias
2011 Vertical integration, separation and non-price discrimination: An empirical analysis of German electricity markets for residential customersNikogosian, Vigen; Veith, Tobias
2011 Strategic pricing, market entry and competition: Evidence from German electricity submarketsNikogosian, Vigen; Veith, Tobias
2011 Cartel detection in procurement marketsHüschelrath, Kai; Veith, Tobias
2011 The impact of cartelization on pricing dynamics: Evidence from the German cement industryHüschelrath, Kai; Veith, Tobias
2012 Concrete shoes for competition: The effect of the German cement cartel on market priceHüschelrath, Kai; Müller, Kathrin; Veith, Tobias
2012 Estimating damages from price-fixing: The value of transaction dataHüschelrath, Kai; Müller, Kathrin; Veith, Tobias
2014 Time is money - how much money is time? Interest and inflation in competition law actions for damagesBueren, Eckart; Hüschelrath, Kai; Veith, Tobias