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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011 Ethnische Diversität, soziales Vertrauen und Zivilengagement: ProjektberichtKoopmans, Ruud; Dunkel, Anna; Schaeffer, Merlin; Veit, Susanne
2011 The Ethnic Diversity and Collective Action Survey (EDCAS): Technical reportSchaeffer, Merlin; Koopmans, Ruud; Veit, Susanne; Wagner, Mareike; Wiedner, Jonas
2018 Ethnische Hierarchien in der Bewerberauswahl: Ein Feldexperiment zu den Ursachen von ArbeitsmarktdiskriminierungKoopmans, Ruud; Veit, Susanne; Yemane, Ruta
2018 The ADIS study: A large-scale correspondence test on labor market discrimination in Germany - Technical ReportVeit, Susanne; Yemane, Ruta
2019 Attitudes Toward Asylum Seekers: Evidence from GermanyHager, Anselm; Veit, Susanne
2019 Taste or statistics? A correspondence study of ethnic, racial and religious labour market discrimination in GermanyKoopmans, Ruud; Veit, Susanne; Yemane, Ruta
2019 Almost identical but still treated differently: hiring discrimination against foreign-born and domestic-born minoritiesVeit, Susanne; Thijsen, Lex
2020 Judging Without Knowing: How people evaluate others based on phenotype and country of origin – Technical ReportVeit, Susanne; Yemane, Ruta
2020 Discontent With What? Linking Self-Centered and Society-Centered Discontent to Populist Party SupportGiebler, Heiko; Hirsch, Magdalena; Schürmann, Benjamin; Veit, Susanne
2020 ‘Society thinks they are cold and/or incompetent, but I do not’: Stereotype content ratings depend on instructions and the social group's location in the stereotype content spaceKotzur, Patrick F.; Veit, Susanne; Namyslo, Annika; Holthausen, Mirka-Alicia; Wagner, Ulrich; Yemane, Ruta
2021 Muslim by default or religious discrimination? Results from a cross-national field experiment on hiring discriminationStasio, Valentina Di; Lancee, Bram; Veit, Susanne; Yemane, Ruta
2021 Discrimination against Turkish minorities in Germany and the Netherlands: field experimental evidence on the effect of diagnostic information on labour market outcomesThijssen, Lex; Lancee, Bram; Veit, Susanne; Yemane, Ruta
2021 The “Big Two” in Hiring Discrimination: Evidence From a Cross-National Field ExperimentVeit, Susanne; Arnu, Hannah; Stasio, Valentina Di; Yemane, Ruta; Coenders, Marcel