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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Exchange Rates and fundamentals - a Non-Linear Relationship?De Grauwe, Paul; Vansteenkiste, Isabel
2001 EU telecommunications and electricity markets: Heading towards price convergence?Martin, Reiner; Vansteenkiste, Isabel
2005 Regulatory reforms in selected EU network industriesMartin, Reiner; Roma, Moreno; Vansteenkiste, Isabel
2007 Regional housing market spillovers in the US: lessons from regional divergences in a common monetary policy settingVansteenkiste, Isabel
2007 International trade, technological shocks and spillovers in the labour market: A GVAR analysis of the US manufacturing sectorHiebert, Paul; Vansteenkiste, Isabel
2007 The transmission of US cyclical developments to the rest of the worldDées, Stéphane; Vansteenkiste, Isabel
2007 The role of the exchange rate for adjustment in boom and bust episodesMartin, Reiner; Schuknecht, Ludger; Vansteenkiste, Isabel
2008 Fiscal policies, the current account and Ricardian equivalenceNickel, Christiane; Vansteenkiste, Isabel
2009 How important are common factors in driving non-fuel commodity prices? A dynamic factor analysisVansteenkiste, Isabel
2009 Do house price developments spill over across euro area countries? Evidence from a Global VARHiebert, Paul; Vansteenkiste, Isabel
2009 What Triggers Prolonged Inflation Regimes? A Historical AnalysisVansteenkiste, Isabel
2009 Wealth effects in emerging market economiesPeltonen, Tuomas A.; Sousa, Ricardo M.; Vansteenkiste, Isabel
2011 What is driving oil futures prices? Fundamentals versus speculationVansteenkiste, Isabel
2017 Did the crisis permanently scar the Portuguese labour market? Evidence from a Markov-switching Beveridge curve analysisVansteenkiste, Isabel
2017 Determinants of FDI inflows in advanced economies: Does the quality of economic structures matter?Dellis, Konstantinos; Sondermann, David; Vansteenkiste, Isabel
2019 Concentration, market power and dynamism in the euro areaCavalleri, Maria Chiara; Eliet, Alice; McAdam, Peter; Petroulakis, Filippos; Soares, Ana Cristina; Vansteenkiste, Isabel
2019 Did the euro change the nature of FDI flows among member states?Sondermann, David; Vansteenkiste, Isabel
2019 The link between labor cost and price inflation in the euro areaBobeica, Elena; Ciccarelli, Matteo; Vansteenkiste, Isabel